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Help for Creating and Working with Programs offers an automated way to get the audio content you want delivered right to your PC or portable MP3 player (like the eGo!) every day. The Channels menu above lets you select from a variety of audio content to build your own personalized Program that can be scheduled for automatic delivery.

Below are tips to get you's easy!
  Already a Member?: If Sign In is displayed in the top right of the page, click Sign In and enter your User ID and Password in the dialog box to begin working with your personalized Programs.

New to Click Sign In and press the New User? button in the pop-up dialog to register. It's FREE! Simply create your own User ID using any name you like and a Password and fill in the required fields and you will be prompted to download the MP3Agent desktop software. The MP3Agent resides on your PC in the system tray and will dial-up to to get your content for you automatically.

Click the New Program link and the New Program dialog will display. Enter a name for your program and schedule which days you want this program to be downloaded and when you want the automatic downloads to begin

(Remember, you must have the MP3Agent running in the system tray for automatic downloads).

  Click the Properties link for the Current Program that is displayed in the combo-box and the Program Properties dialog will display. Here you can edit the Program Name and change the schedule of your Program.

  Click the Delete link Permantly delete the Current Program that is displayed in the combo-box.

Note: Use caution here, deleting a Program will also delete the associated Audio Program Segments you previously assigned to this Program!

  Highlight a Program Segment in the Current Program Segments list box and click the Delete Segment link to remove a specific Audio Program Segment from the Current Program.

  Click on the Add to Program button next to the audio Program Segment that you want to include in your Program. You can sample the content before you add it to your Program by clicking the Sample button or download the audio MP3 file immediately by clicking the Download Now button.

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