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Hit the hardwood with NBA JAM 2000. Whether you like high-flying 2-on-2 action or a fast-breaking 5-on-5 sim, you've come to the right game. NBA JAM 2000 is the dime-dropping, shot-blocking, rim-rocking, hard-cutting, twine-tickling answer to all your basketball prayers. This is NBA Basketball.

Two Games In One. This is NBA JAM 2000.

Special Features:
  • All new 2-on-2 JAM mode featuring 50 dunks and awesome special effects
  • Custom JAM mode courts including Venice Beach and Schoolyard
  • All 29 NBA teams, authentic arena floors and 300 NBA superstars
  • Jaw dropping Ultra Hi-Rez(tm) graphics with award-winning sports engine
  • Authentic 5-on-5 simulation mode with actual team play styles like the Jazz pick and roll, Celtics press and Bulls triangle offense
  • Marv Albert as your studio host
  • Unique signature moves and free throw routines like the cross-over dribble
  • Improved 3-D Create a Player, 3-D Create a JAM player, Create a Team, and customize your own team's play style
  • New and improved player models feature over 300 players with real-life faces, smooth skin high resolution textures and true life size
  • Over 800 new motion-captured moves by the "X-Man" Xavier McDaniel, including post ups, push offs, defensive grabbing and bone jarring picks
  • Players display their real life skills and attributes such as Payton steals, Stockton pick and roll passes, and Shaq backing in defenders
  • Total Team Management includes: realistic player trading, drafting, signing and releasing players; managing the cap and trade deadlines
  • Play by play from TNT's Kevin Harlan
  • Improved Instant Replay with Ultra Smooth animations, auto replay, and multiple camera angles
  • The most advanced NBA play calling system ever designed by NBA scouts
  • Scouting reports allow the user to make the best coaching decisions
  • On screen play plaques allow you to call plays on the fly
  • Track season-long player and team stats in over 200 categories
  • Play the '99-'00 NBA team schedules and view out of town scores
  • Arena announcing by Utah Jazz' Dan Roberts with pre-game player intros
  • In-game cinematic victory and action sequences
  • In-game player highlights feature color photos and stat updates
  • Player injuries affect game and season performance
  • 5 sim modes: shoot out, exhibition, season, custom season and playoff
  • Bonus modes include 3-Point Contest, Free Throw and Practice
  • The most cheat codes of any NBA JAM title
  • 1-4 players
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NBA JAM Press Release

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NBA JAM 2000

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