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Welcome to Slashaudio! Your source for techno of all description, online!

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What's New?
    Due to technical difficulties, no new real audio mixes are being added at this time. For some reason, the real server software refuses to play any new .rm's. The old ones play just fine, but it cannot seem to "find" any newly added ones. If you have any ideas on how to fix this, please contact us!

  • Aug 16, 2000 - Added Mad Hattr, and his hiphop mp3 release "Fabled Devotion"
  • May 31, 2000 - Added DJ Tazz's new mp3 release "Snatchmo's Revenge"
  • May 31, 2000 - LSD, and his mix, "Super Dave Mix", added
  • May 19, 2000 - justrich, and his mix, "Live @ Plastic Grooves", added
  • May 16, 2000 - KGB vs. Sass added under KGB's entry
  • Mar 07, 2000 - tricolore, and two mp3 singles added
  • Mar 03, 2000 - State Machine, and three mp3 singles added
  • Jan 27, 2000 - "Live @ The Shoe" by phr(e)shlySpun added
  • Jan 27, 2000 - KGB, and his mix, "December 99" added
  • Jan 11, 2000 - DJ Tazz, and his new mp3 single release "Crosstown Kids" added
  • Jan 11, 2000 - DJ Creativity, and two "Oldschool Rave" mixes added
  • Jan 10, 2000 - Echo-3, and his mix, "Far Out" added

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