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The Scene

This summer, HEAVEN and MOUSE will merge to create one strengthened non-profit with the ability to wire and equip schools and community centers and conduct technology training programs within them. As always, we invite you to learn more and to get involved!

hand holding computer Recycle Your Computer
Where to send your old PC to help someone in need.
ANGEL Congresional Black Caucus Report
Compiled by members of the NetGeneration Youth.
Doing Business on the Net
10 things any Internet Entrepreneur should know.
Providing today's youth the technology training and tools they need to succeed and lead.
Cover Story

Robert Maynard and family

Meet Robert Maynard, The Guardian of a Dot-Calm Internet.
Cheap PC Review
Who says computers have to be expensive? HEAVEN reviews the I-Opener.
News Bytes
Find free stuff on the Web.
HEAVEN in Depth
Dr. Bobby Williams, President and CEO of The Village Foundation, gives us his thoughts on the Digital Divide.
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