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Sharing a cable/DSL line
Sunday, December 03 2000 @ 11:12 PM EST
Submitted by: robg
systemThere are many people who use a software router to share one DSL connection among multiple networked computers. The most popular programs are IPNetRouter and SoftRouter. Under OS X, neither one of these will function, since OS X is handling the networking chores.

However, BSD UNIX contains a built-in network address translation (NAT) function, which can do the job that either package used to do.

Configuring it under the beta is non trivial, but it's not that complicated, and there are some pre-written scripts to help with the task.

There's a great thread here on the MacNN forums that discusses all the relevant steps, and includes some links to additional information.

You should be comfortable with your terminal and file-editing skills before attempting to configure NAT -- it's much more like UNIX work than typical Macintosh work!

Uninstalling MacOS X
Saturday, December 02 2000 @ 06:18 PM EST
Submitted by: hszeto
installIf you need to uninstall MacOS X, and you don't want to/can't erase the partition, here is one of the better discussions on how to do it on MacFixIt:

Uninstalling OS X - Is it possible?

The key is making sure that the invisible files are deleted, otherwise on a reinstall of MacOS X you will be faced with a login window instead of the setup assistant.

Tip: Use Sherlock to delete invisible files: custom -> edit -> More search options , select 'is invisible'; then drag the invisible files/folders to the trash.

Reclaiming some MORE space
Saturday, December 02 2000 @ 07:03 AM EST
Submitted by: hszeto
installIf you are short on disk storage space and would like to reclaim some, try

/Applications/GrabBag/QuickTime Movies

There are 156 megabytes worth of trailers there that can be deleted, unless of course you can't bear to get rid of Charlie's Angels.

Most Recent Post: 12/02 04:28PM

Cool Interface Hacks...
Friday, December 01 2000 @ 11:22 PM EST
Submitted by: gallenx
desktop[Editor's note - many of these are repeated in individual postings elsewhere here ... I've left them all listed for ease of access! -rob.]

Here are some cool interface hacks that you can do using or an AppleScript.  For each one, you have to relaunch the Desktop or the app that the hack is specific to in order make it work.  To relaunch the Desktop, just hit command-option-esc, click on Desktop, and click on Relaunch.

To show all files in the Finder(including all the Unix stuff):
    defaults write ShowAllFiles TRUE
To turn off:
    defaults write ShowAllFiles FALSE

To turn on Mac OS X Zoom Rectangles:
    defaults write ZoomRects TRUE
To turn off:
    defaults write ZoomRects FALSE

To make all Cocoa apps use the NeXTSTEP interface: THIS IS NOT VERY STABLE
    defaults write NSGlobalDomain NSInterfaceStyle nextstep
To go back to Aqua:
    defaults write NSGlobalDomain NSInterfaceStyle aqua

To put the Trash Can on the desktop:
    defaults write Desktop.HasTrash 1
To turn off:
    defaults write Desktop.HasTrash 0

To quit the Dock:
    Run the following AppleScript-
     tell Application "Dock"
     end tell
To restart the Dock:
    Run the following AppleScript-
     tell Application "Dock"
     end tell

I found all of these hints in various places, but I just decided to compile them and share a little. I hope you like...

-Prachi Gauriar

Learn Perl
Friday, December 01 2000 @ 10:11 PM EST
Submitted by:
unixOpen the Terminal and type "man perl". There's practically a textbook on how to use Perl.

PPP and unix command hosts
Friday, December 01 2000 @ 09:32 PM EST
Submitted by: rjzak
2helpmeto get online, i have to dial my isp, connect to a unix command-line host, login, and choose PPP. this isn't an option in the OS X PPP dialer to connect to a command line host after connect, so how can i get online in OSX? how can i get OSX to connect to a command line host either with the PPP dialer or the terminal?

A 'nicer' nice
Friday, December 01 2000 @ 01:19 AM EST
Submitted by: robg
unixFor those not familiar with it, the unix commands nice and renice can be used to alter the priorities (think percentage of CPU time) given to running tasks. However, like many UNIX commands, they are not 'user friendly' by any stretch. First you need to do a ps to see what's running, and then you need to remember the command syntax to change the values.

I spotted a thread on the Mac OS X Forums that discussed this very topic. Forum user "Iambob" took it upon himself to write a GUI wrapper for nice, which would present all the jobs with their current priorities, and allow easy tweaking of the values. Quite logically, he named his program nicer.

You can find nicer here, and I must say it's a very useful progam. There's some work he'd like to do relative to optimization, but the basic functionality is there, and it's basically self-explanatory: double-click a process to change its priority. It takes a while to launch, but don't worry, it's not crashing your OS.

I think this program is a great example of what we'll see as we progress towards OS X 1.0: GUI wrappers around the core UNIX commands to make them more useful to the typical Mac user. Thanks, IamBob!

Great text/programming editor
Friday, December 01 2000 @ 01:00 AM EST
Submitted by: robg
appsjedit is an amazing Java/php/text processor. It comes with a large number of installable plug-ins, is capable of color-coding syntax for java, php, HTML, perl, and other languages, stores each open document on a tabbed window, and has an aqua-ish appearance theme! And, best of all, it's open source and totally free. You can read more about it on the jedit home page.

Kris Kopicki has created a pre-compiled package version of jedit for OS X PB, and I've been using it for a day or so. It's written in Java, and runs fine on the PB (perhaps it's a tick slow, but not enough to bother me). You can find it on Kris' page right here.

Highly recommended if you do coding of any sort, or just want to see a slick Cocoa/Java app.
Most Recent Post: 12/01 08:01PM

Application List and Menu Bar
Thursday, November 30 2000 @ 07:43 PM EST
Submitted by: app13man
2helpmeI noticed something sorta funny, when you open up the applications list, by mashing cmd + opt +esc, the menu bar disappears when the list becomes active. Does anyone have any clues to why this happens?

Also , The whole concept of the preferences being xml files is pretty cool. Does anybody know of any sites that have more stuff you can add, such as the translucent terminal window. OS X PB seems like there is a bunch of stuff that is disabled and only takes a little bit of hacking to enable it.

Most Recent Post: 12/03 10:36PM

Choosing Applications in Carbon apps
Thursday, November 30 2000 @ 07:29 PM EST
Submitted by:
appsCarbon applications like Internet Explorer, Desktop and Napster cannot choose applications because Navigation Services doesn't recognize packages yet in Mac OS X. However, you can work around it easily. Simple type the application's path (like /System/Applications/Music in the "Go To" field at the bottom of all Open windows. Rember to add the ".app" extension to the application name! it is actually part of the folder (bundle) name but the Finder hides it automatically.

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