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Federal government (242)
Human Resources Development Canada (170)
Health Links - Canada and international (211)
All Can. govt. home pages in one (17)
Sign on for Canada's Kids
National Children's Agenda - Early Childhood Development Services
Find out more about the campaign....

Election 2000 - Mark your X for child care

*Stirring Up the Pot for Canada’s Children*
Campaign 2000 November Initiative

Provincial/territorial social research
--- Newfoundland and Labrador (126)
--- Prince Edward Island (44)
--- Nova Scotia (103)
--- New Brunswick (111)
--- Quebec (79)
--- Ontario - Prov. govt. (233)
--- Guide to welfare in Ontario (53)
--- Ontario - Mun. Govt./NGO (194)
--- Manitoba (126)
--- Saskatchewan (93)
--- Alberta (132)
--- British Columbia - Prov. govt. (revised)
--- British Columbia - NGO (new)
--- Yukon (42)
--- Northwest Territories (58)
--- Nunavut (27)

Welfare policy manuals (22)
Click on the name of a jurisdiction to go directly to its main budget page
2000-2001 Budgets
Alberta - Yukon - Quebec-Prince Edward Island - Newfoundland - British Columbia - New Brunswick -   Saskatchewan- Nova Scotia - Ontario - Manitoba
*Federal Budget 2000 + *19 critiques*
(72 links in all)

1999-2000 Budgets
Federal- Newfoundland - Prince Edward IslandNova Scotia - New Brunswick - Quebec- Ontario - Manitoba - Saskatchewan - Alberta - British Columbia - Yukon - Northwest Territories

Prov/terr. government telephone directories
Municipalities and the urban lens

International Links
U.S. social research (288)
Social research - the world (318)
Children and Families - International (81)

worldskip.com- country links ... even Canada

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Updated December 4, 2000
100+ pages - thousands of links

*What's New*
on government websites across Canada (79 links)
The Official Social Union website
The Unofficial Social Union page (167)
Provincial/territorial Social Union Pages (153)

Links to outside sites:
Seniors policies and programs database
Current minimum wages - all jurisdictions
Current Unemployment Rates by Economic Region
Child Welfare Resource Centre
Welfare and workfare links in 14 countries
Research resources for the social sciences

From Statistics Canada
Low-Income Cutoffs for 1998 and 1999
Latest Consumer Price Index #'s
Latest Labour Force Survey #'s

Online Courses
Canadian Social History
Intro to Social Welfare
(from Steve Hick of Carleton University)
Hyperhistory online
How [Canadian] Government Works
An Introduction to Social Policy [Scotland]

Canadian Social  Research Newsletter
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Reference (93)
Dictionaries, style and grammar guides, search engines, etc.

Gotcha! (5)
All work and no play...

Canajun, eh?
You know you're Canadian...

Misc. Canadian sites (34)

Poverty measures (162)
Conferences and events (68)
Welfare reforms in Canada (85)
CAP and the CHST (76)
Children, families and youth - Canada (191)
Non-governmental organizations (178)
Social research organizations (192)
Canadian social research megasites (33)
Social statistics (119)
Women's issues (221)
Seniors (60)
Media (54)
Disability (75)
First Nations (72)
Unions (71)
Canadian universities/colleges (58)
Political parties/Election 2000 (incl. results) (72)
Human rights (175)
United Nations Links (121)
Homelessness (230)
Food banks and hunger (83)
Self-Sufficiency Project (23)
High Canadian taxes/brain drain (20)
Tobin tax (30)
Flat tax (20)
The Chilean Pension Model (15)
Public interest research groups (2)
Socialist sites (38)
Budgets (2)
Fraud (5)
Polls (7)
Legislation and law (21)
Libraries (4)
More minimum wage links (22)
Banks and business (32)
Education (11)

Recommended Canadian site in French :
Extensive list of links
- See Les sciences politiques et sociales

Gordon Ternowetsky BSW Bursary Fund

Great Idea!
The Hunger Site - Click to donate food for free
Please go there.

World's Smallest Political Quiz
Where are YOU on the political map? 
(U.S. site)


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