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Metal Gear Solid (GBC)
Reviewer : David O'Donohoe

Very sneaky!

Metal Gear Solid has made its way (stealthily) on to Game Boy Color. And with huge success for the title already notched up on NES and more recently PlayStation, time, sales (and my review) will all tell whether the handheld version can match up.

A story-line has been developed for this GBC version in the same fashion as its PlayStation predecessor. Solid Snake must defeat plans of terrorist organization 'Gindra Liberation Front,' by finding and rendering useless the stolen weapons platform Metal Gear – a large, nuclear missile launching, bipedal tank. But like all challenging games, it will not be as easy as it sounds – there are a countless number of traps, guards, dogs, puzzles and four bosses standing in your way.

Everything to do with the missions is literally spelt out for you, just like all good Japanese games (a little on the heavy side when it comes to the story-line). All that is required of you is to guide Snake on his very linear missions to reach his final goal – Metal Gear. And along the way rescue an important scientist for good measure.

Gameplay has the same addictive qualities as its PlayStation counterpart with some impressive little puzzles to get you really involved. However, you will need to accept the games limitations in regards to graphics before you sit down and play, otherwise you'll be greatly disappointed.

Not only do you have the main game itself – but a range of other options too. If you don't feel up to the challenge straight off, then you may want to prepare yourself with VR Training. This contains three modes: sneaking (infiltration techniques), weapon handling and advanced (study both simultaneously). All enabling you to hone your counter espionage skills to the maximum with 146 separate engagements.

And if that isn't enough, then maybe you could convince a friend to buy the game. You can then use a link up cable and have an awesome two-player contest. In this mode both of you will compete to recover three data discs, then reach a goal point safely, all without being discovered and shot by your counterpart.

Graphics are basic - allowing for more resources to be dedicated to the depth of the game and the small amount of simple animation used. The SFX are mildly mood-inspiring with plenty of sounds for alarms, weapons fire and many more effects.

Overall, I would recommend anyone who enjoyed the PlayStation version or those of you who have not had the pleasure of playing any of the Metal Gear series before, go out and buy this title. It is a far more simplistic version, but for a Game Boy title it does remarkably well in drawing you into a thick plot.


Developed by:

Published by:

Version:  European
Released:  01/05/00
Platform:  Gameboy
Price:  £ 21

 Great plot!
 Numerous sound effects.

 Too linear.

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