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Welcome to the easiest way for you to publish online. Publish Reviews of your favorite products, links, and news articles. Share your Thoughts online. Let people know about upcoming Events - all using simple tools that require no programming.

Anyone can build a Xanga Site. Whether you've never built a home page or you're a professional web designer you will enjoy using Xanga's programming-free tools to create a presence for yourself online. Take the quick tour of xTools to see how easy building your Xanga Site will be.

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It's your world to share. Many of our members use their Xanga Sites just for fun. Others take advantage of xTools to turn their Xanga Sites into full-fledged online storefronts. Still others use their Xanga Sites to educate and inform. What all of our members have in common is an enthusiasm for publishing their thoughts online and an interest in connecting with others who share their passions.

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