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Massive Protests Commemorate the Anniversary of the WTO Shut Down
People took to the streets of Seattle, and around the world on November 30, to celebrate the massive demonstrations that successfully ended the meetings of the World Trade Organization last year. Read more Protest organizers also endorsed the on-going strike by the Newspaper Guild, and had vowed to support their picket lines.

Call for Justice in Murder of Local Bicyclist
On the evening of Nov 17, a truck allegedly driven by Reuben Espinoza intentionally struck and killed bicyclist Chris Robertson. Sadly, such tragedies have become a regular occurrence in the Bay Area, as drivers who fail to share the road safely, frequently threaten bicyclists. A rally for justice will occur at noon on 12/1 at the Hall of Justice. Read more

Flea Market at Free Radio Berkeley on Dec 3
To create space for a permanent Independent Media Center facility in the East Bay, Free Radio Berkeley is selling off extra electronic and computer equipment. Details

Rally at the Mexican Consulate During the Inauguration of Mexican President Vicente Fox
Bay Area human rights activists were joined by SF Supervisor Tom Ammiano at a demonstration in front of the Mexican Consulate. December 1 marked a day of international solidarity, as people demanded an end to the Mexican government's violence against the indigenous communities of Chiapas. Read more

Demonstration Halts Berkeley Lecture By Benjamin Netanyahu; Meanwhile Violence Continues In the Middle East
On Tuesday11/28, protesters calling for an end to U.S. Aid to Israel and the Israeli occupation of Palestinian land, forced the cancellation of a speech by former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. A member of Israel's right-wing Likud party, Netanyahu was a strong proponent of expanding Israeli settlements in disputed territories. Watch video
After nearly two months, clashes between Israeli troops and Palestinians continue. The death toll has risen to approximately 260 people, the vast majority Palestinians. Condemning the Israeli military's use of excessive force, Egypt has withdrawn its ambassador. A U.S anti-war organization is calling for an international investigation into Israeli use of depleted uranium shells, a weapon prohibited by international law. On Nov. 25th, Women in Black held a protest in Union Square to call for a cessation of Israeli aggressions. For updates, visit the Israeli IMC.

Five People Arrested Attempting to Stop Logging in Mattole River Valley
The forest defenders were taken into custody on 11/28 as they tried to prevent loggers from felling the ancient trees. Read more This incident comes after the Mattole activists' legal challenges have failed to stop Maxxam/Pacific Lumber's logging of Old Growth Douglas firs in the Mattole River Watershed. Update / Mattole Defense

City Without Art: Extinct and Endangered Cultures, Dec 7- Multi-media Exhibit
City Without Art chronicles the displacement crisis faced by many San Francisco communities and provides an opportunity for artists and activists to strategize about how to preserve cultural centers in the Bay Area. More information

Rock 'n' Roll Benefit Show For Philly Protester on Dec 17
For activists arrested during recent demonstrations, the battle has just begun. When people took to the streets to protest corruption, corporatization, and greed, they encountered further repression and injustice. Hundreds of cases are still in limbo, and many face serious felony charges. They need our support. Only when we assist activists in the long haul, can they continue to jeopardize their freedom and rights to protect ours. On Dec 17, at the CW Saloon in SF, there will be a fundraiser to cover legal fees for a demonstrator who faces felony charges from R2K. Read more about his experiences during incarceration in Philadelphia. Also, S26 in Prague: 20 international activists remain in prison, Prague IMC has details. Also read an update at Los Angeles/IMC.

Buy Nothing Party Disrupts Shopping for Thousands
Shoppers were confused and disoriented as a Reclaim the Streets party closed down business-as-usual for Buy Nothing Day (11/24). The Gap and Banana Republic were forced to close, as the party and enormous police presence stopped traffic on the busiest shopping day of the year. Read more, see pictures and expanded coverage. For the more adventurous anticapitalist, also see Steal Something Day

11/28 Candlelight Vigil for Transgendered Victims of Hate Crimes
Tuesday, Nov. 28th is the Day of Remembrance for Transgendered Victims of Hate Crimes. The transgendered community will gather at a Candlelight Vigil and Ceremony that evening at UN Plaza in San Francisco. More info. See also video footage of the Oct. 18th protest against Carl's Jr., which has been harassing and ejecting transgendered and homeless patrons.

arrested N16: 53 Arrested in Ohio
Direct actions took place in Cincinnati, Ohio, Nov. 16-18th, to protest the gathering of U.S. and European corporate leaders for the Trans-Atlantic Business Dialogue (TABD). 100 of the most powerful global capitalists anticipate agenda items such as future of the WTO, the early accession of China into the WTO, and the advancement of e-commerce. Update and Videos 1, 2 from imc-sf correspondent in Cincinnati, Ohio IMC coverage, Protest site

Election Demonstrations Continue
November 18
This past weekend's protests were certainly larger than the previous week, with the accompanying larger police presence. Apparently the police insisted on keeping the demonstration on the sidewalks so as not to disturb street traffic. Keeping the demonstrators on the sidewalk, however, interfered with the shopping foot traffic. Photos: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 Local Coordinating Site National Coordinating Site
November 11
On 11/11, people showed up across the country to voice their frustration with the perpetual election. In Oakland, one observer reported that about 150 people were at City Hall. Video: 1, 2, 3, 4 In San Francisco, people met at Market and Powell, and later proceeded to Jones Street, in front of the Federal Building. The crowd grew along the way, and the police showed up, but only to help direct the traffic and clear the way for the demonstrators. The corporate media did not arrive until the group was beginning to break up, but some chants were managed in front of the cameras. SF protest video

Prop. L Defeated?
San Francisco's Proposition L has fallen 1,315 votes behind in the tally - 141,434 for Prop L and 142,749 against. Prop L was ahead on election day, but absentee, provisional, and other late ballots have since reversed its slim margin. Oddly, numbers released by the city Elections Department showed less than 1,000 ballots counted last weekend, but 1,400 new votes tabulated for Prop L. Final tallies will be released soon, and Prop L proponents may ask for a recount should the measure lose. Up-to-Date Election Results Rock 'n roll at Dec. 5th benefit show to support Chris Daly in the Dec. 12th Supervisor run-off election. Photo by Tiny / PNN

Demonstration Against U.S. Militarism in El Salvador
Activists converged upon the Federal Building in San Francisco on Nov. 16th, as part of a national day of action to stop U.S. militarization around the world. Read more Photos: 1, 2

Local Protest Demands Philippine President Estrada's Resignation
200 people marched to the Philippine Consulate in Downtown SF on Nov. 14, loudly calling for the ouster of impeached President Joseph Estrada. In the Philippines, hundreds of thousands participated in a nationwide strike, and tens of thousands more demonstrated throughout the islands. As his impeachment on Nov. 13 did not guarantee Estrada's removal from office, a broad multi-sectoral movement continues to call for his resignation. Many blame President Estrada for the collapse of the Philippine economy, the escalation of human rights violations, the deployment of military forces to Mindanao, and the continued presence of the U.S. military. In addition, Estrada's involvement in an illegal gambling operation has robbed the Filipino people of $8.7 million. More info & audio clip of recent speech by Filipino activist Walden Bello.

Unified Call to End the Death Penalty
On Nov. 16-19, a historic SF conference brought together social justice fighters from across the nation to place abolition of the death penalty at the top of the movement's agenda and to call national attention to its continued injustice. More than 1,000 community leaders, activists, and non-profit representatives participated in "Committing to Conscience: Building a Unified Strategy to End the Death Penalty." Read More Video
Indian Activists Storm World Bank
Environmental protesters in India stormed the World Bank building in New Delhi, demanding to be allowed to meet with Bank president James Wolfensohn. Read more Meanwhile, delegates of the United Nations and the Bretton Woods institutions, as well as corporate executives, representatives of "civil society," and approved NGOs, are planning to meet in June 2001 under the auspices of the Financing for Development Coordinating Secretariat of the United Nations (FfD). Read more

New Internet-Use Regulations Handed Down in China
If we ever question why we have this page, just think of China, where the government has been trying to control internet use. New regulations include only allowing the state media to set up new sites, and require sites to ask permission before offering news from foreign media. These regulations codify what have already been unwritten rules, and include a laundry list of previously prohibited activity on the internet. Corporate coverage

protesters at the mission police stationHundreds Protest Police Brutality in SF
On Sunday, Oct. 22nd, demonstrators participated in an International Day of Action calling for an end to police brutality. Black-clad protesters flooded Mission District streets, marching loudly past Valencia St. Police Station and converging for a rally in Dolores Park. Read more | Video footage Oakland killer cop and 3 others indicted. Meanwhile the LAPD attacked peaceful protesters. Also, read details of a recent police raid on an art space in Emeryville.

Broadcasting Skills Workshops
If You Don't Like the News, Go Out & Create Your Own
Free Radio Berkeley, IRATE (International Radio Action Training Education) and IndyBay IMC are offering broadcasting skills workshops which include: Introduction to Micropower Broadcasting; Internet Audio, MP3, & Webcasting; Interviewing & Field Recording Techniques; Digital Audio Editing & Content Creation; and Internet Video, Streaming, & Editing. Click for more info

Toxic Fire at Hunters Point Still Burning
On Friday, Oct. 6th demonstrators demanded immediate clean-up of the blaze at a radioactive landfill in Hunters Point Shipyard. The Navy has failed to extinguish the fire that ignited on Aug. 16th, and currently plans to defer action for up to two years. On 11/7, San Francisco voters overwhelmingly supported an immediate, full clean-up of the site by the federal government. For more information:

Highlights of Coverage of NAB Protests
NAB2k Protest HighlightsOn Sep. 20-23, activists in San Francisco took to the streets to protest the National Association of Broadcasters Radio Convention. Demonstrators criticized the NAB's opposition to FCC licensing of micro radio, its misrepresentation of crucial issues such as homelessness, immigration, and globalization, and its lobbying efforts in favor of the Telecommunications Act of 1996. A counterculture party, conference and protest raged outside the corporate culture convention. Check out the highlights

'Close the Gap' Vigil Continues
There is an ongoing protest vigil at the Gap Headquarters in San Francisco (1 Harrison St at Embarcadero). The protesters demand that the Fisher family stop destroying the last of the ancient redwood forest in Northern California, to improve working conditions for it's employees in Saipan, to include a requirement for a Living Wage in GAP's Vendor Code of Conduct, and to support workers' rights to organize unions among other things. CALL FOR BAY AREA ACTIVISTS TO JOIN THE VIGIL, especially during the day around rush hour!! At an Oct. 19 noon rally, activists stripped off their Gap clothing, saying "We'd Rather Wear Nothing Than Wear Gap!". Oct. Article | Read more For more information, contact

IMC/Housing Project
The housing crisis affects every type of person in the Bay Area--from public housing tenants whose homes are being threatened with demolition to seniors who are being evicted from homes they've lived in for the last 20 years to middle-income people who are being squeezed out of the market by high-paid employees. Endorsed by the Bay Area Alternative Media Network, Coalition on Homelessness, Housing Rights Committee, Mission Agenda, Media Alliance, Poor Magazine, Rodriguez Brothers Productions, SF Tenants Union, IndyBay Media, Street Spirit, Video Activist Network, San Francisco Bay Guardian, San Francisco BayView, and others. Read more

indybay media is an independent alternative news and content service provider for the San Francisco Bay region. It is modeled on the Independent Media Centers originally set up to cover events in Seattle and Washington DC. These centers continue to provide current news, and media activists in other cities are setting up new on-going independent media operations. Contact our rotating editorial collective with feedback (do not e-mail news releases or articles to the IMC - you must publish stories yourself); technical concerns should be directed to the tech collective. For further info, call 510-549-0732.

Last updated Mon Dec 4 21:36:46 PST 2000

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