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tylcoat3 is maintained by David J. Tylcoat. It contains information on surnames Tylcoat, Talcott, etc. All known English ancestors and many in the U.S., except for living persons, are included.

A GEDCOM file tylcoatc.ged of 3098 names was produced on 11/5/98 with Reunion v4.0. By request the GEDCOM file was slightly modified on 11/20/00. The GEDCOM file was converted to HTML with GED2HTML 3.0b for Linux ELF (version of 5/28/97). Custom files options3.g2h and custom3.g2h were used to include the birth and death dates of parents, spouses, and children; and to include URL pointers to References and sources.

Additional documentation is available from David Tylcoat's home page.

Questions regarding database tylcoat3 should be directed to David Tylcoat at

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