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Alpha World, a product developed by Worlds Inc., has proven itself an incredible new technology for the Internet. We believe, without a doubt, that anyone who enters Alpha World will experience something that up until now has only been written about in speculative fiction, and shown in movies such as Johnny Mnemonic. What we have here, in essence, is an actual, working cyberspace where people can manipulate objects, interact with their computers and information, and carry on relationships with others through the use of their representational selves -- avatars.

Online Magazine is proud to be working with Worlds Inc. and Alpha Worlds to bring you the latest and best services related to Alpha World. We look forward to seeing you in the metaverse.

The Editor's Perspective on Alpha World

An In-Depth Discussion with Ron Britvich, Author and Programmer of Alpha World
A frank conversation about life in a metaverse, and what it really means to be connected.
  • Part 1: Trash, Taxes, and Terrain
  • Part 2: BOTs, Balls, and Talking Dogs
  • Part 3: Robocop, Java, and Jumanji
An Interview and Discussion with Dave Gobel, Chairman and Founder of Worlds Inc.
A wide-ranging dialogue about education, culture, and how everything on the Net should be.
  • Part 1: The Human Aquarium
  • Part 2: Fish in New Water, or, Education in the Information Age
Visit Worlds Inc. and Alpha World
The WWW home pages for Worlds Inc. and Alpha World, the first true online society, which include the downloadable software necessary to enter into Alpha World, and various information on different projects and subjects such as VRML 2.0 and avatar building. Stake your claim and build your own site in this multiuser VR land. To see for yourself, download the software. Because it is still in beta release, both the download and use of the software are free.

Online Magazine's World HQ
Our virtual office in Alpha World and other links to useful and fun places to visit in Alpha World.

Online Magazine's Alpha World Citizens Directory We proudly present, in conjunction with Worlds Inc., a complete listing of mailboxes in the many worlds/zones running on different servers throughout the world. Updated every week, this index is comprehensive and fully searchable. You can also attach our Citizens Directory to any Alphaworld object, here's how.

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