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From: News and Views | Daily Dish |
Thursday, September 17, 1998

Monica's Hair
At Bergdorf Salon

Rush & Molloy gal has to look her best — particularly when a presidential sex scandal is swirling around her.

And that's the reason, spies say, that Monica Lewinsky slipped into John Barrett's beauty salon at Bergdorf-Goodman on Tuesday. A salon staffer wasn't "allowed to say" whether stylists set to work on Monica after hours. But let the record show that, well past Bergdorf's closing time, a deliveryman arrived at the store with Monica's favorite energy food — pizza.

lewinskym.JPG (6102 bytes)
Monica Lewinsky

Meanwhile, another young woman wants to make sure the media doesn't brand her as Monica II.

That woman, who's name we're withholding, is the 25-year-old daughter of an ex-administration official formerly connected to Little Rock's Rose Law Firm. For several weeks now, reporters have murmured the young woman's name as another possible Clinton paramour.

Rumors heated up this week after Fox News aired a report by Internet gossip Matt Drudge that included a 10-minute video showing the President guiding a female jogging companion toward the private Oval Office hallway where Lewinsky said she had sex.

The woman, who came into the office with a group of young joggers, can be seen mopping Clinton's brow. A Clinton spokesman has waved aside suggestions that anything improper happened during the visit and said that the woman on the video was an old family friend from Arkansas.

But a lawyer for the young woman whose name is being bandied about tells us: "She unequivocally denies having any sexual relationship with the President of the United States, or being in the video, or being at the event in 1993."

The attorney says that the Ivy League grad who works for a Washington, D.C., computer firm, "has met the President through her parents," but has not worked as a White House intern and "has had very limited contacts with the President."

Asked if she has been contacted by Kenneth Starr or lawyers for Paula Jones, the lawyer said, "Not to my knowledge."

The lawyer added: "She got an attorney because she had television cameras camped out in her apartment lobby. . . . She's pretty upset about people in her apartment building and elsewhere getting the impression that there's a video of her having illicit relations with the President."

The attorney said that his 5-foot-2 client was shorter than the girl in the video. Whether or not the video jogger's identity emerges, there may be less than meets the eye. According to one source, Starr knew about the video but took no interest in it.

Moss Gathers Beau

mossk.JPG (7992 bytes)
Kate Moss

Kate Moss seems to be sweet on a Lemonhead — rocker Evan Dando. Moving on after a summer fling with record producer Nelle Hooper and a spring reunion with old beau Johnny Depp in May, the bite-size beauty showed off her new man at a round of parties Tuesday night.

Dando is the second ex-boyfriend of Winona Ryder's that Moss is dating (Ryder also dated Depp). The two held hands and cooed at a bash for the new Louis Vuitton store in Soho. The party's beauty quotient also included Naomi Campbell, Bridget Hall, Shalom Harlow and Veronica Webb.

The duo later stopped by Yoko Ono's benefit for Thread Waxing Space at the Roxy. There, they joined Gwyneth Paltrow, Liv Tyler and Rose McGowan, watching performance pieces of people taking off their clothes and wrapping themselves in tape.

Paltrow, who's just back from filming "The Talented Mr. Ripley" in Italy, didn't seem that happy about her latest admirer — drag queen Dr. Vaginal Davis. The 6-foot-4 emcee strolled over to her table, saying that he wanted a "lesbianic moment" with the actress. Paltrow just got red-faced and giggled — along with Beck, Amber Valetta, Lou Reed and Marianne Faithful, who sang four songs from her new album.

Stephanopoulos' Own Clinton Saga

George Stephanopoulos may upstage the Starr report with the tell-all he's writing about his years in the Clinton White House.

stephanog.jpg (7534 bytes)
George Stephanopoulos

The former White House aide's anticipated political memoir, "All Too Human," was supposed to hit bookstores in November. But with the Clinton saga still unfolding, Stephanopoulos wants to include every juicy detail, so he has postponed the publication date to the spring of 1999. "Stephanopoulos wants to integrate these momentous events into his story, and he wants to do so with the same care and thoughtfulness he's brought to the rest of his book," explains Little, Brown and Co. publisher Sarah Crichton.


brandy_mon.JPG (7961 bytes)
Brandy and Monica

Brandy and Monica want everyone to know what they were really doing with their fists last week. The teen singers claim that, contrary to reports, they weren't slugging it out before the MTV Music Video Awards — they were praying. They've issued a joint statement on Tuesday saying that, besides doing interviews together and sitting together during the show, they also "held hands and prayed together prior to going onstage to perform." That may describe Thursday's show, but we reported that their fisticuffs took place two days earlier, on Tuesday afternoon. . . .

Cameron Diaz may not know it, but she's about to become a porn star. High Society magazine is running topless photos of the "There's Something About Mary" star frolicking sans bikini top with Matt Dillon on the sands of St. Bart's and Miami's South Beach. One shot shows Cameron straddling Dillon in the water. Cameron's reps knew nothing of the December spread and couldn't reach her for comment about any possible lawsuits. Uma Thurman threatened to sue Playboy when it ran similar photos of her on a beach, though she didn't follow through. But Brad Pitt did stop Playgirl magazine from sending out an issue that featured him in the buff. . . .

Naomi Campbell doesn't hold a grudge. The stunner might not be talking to old beau Robert De Niro, but she sure enjoyed herself with his daughter, Drina, 32, at Moomba on Tuesday night. The pair laughed and palled around like old friends.

With Marcus Baram & K.C. Baker

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