A Bust of Pericles who was perhaps the most influential and notable of all the Greeks from the Classical Age. 

His love affair with Aspasia (who herself ran schools of higher education in Athens), his opening of the Peloponnesian War, his funding of art and architecture, and his contributions to Athenian democracy (e.g., pay for jurors and his Funeral Oration) all have made him one of the most intruiging figures of Classical Greece. 

You can make out most of Pericles' name at the bottom of the bust: the first 'P' is chipped away, but the 'E' is clear, followed by the Greek letter Rho for 'R' (even if it does look like our 'P') then the 'I' and the 'K' etc. 

(British Museum, Photo by M. Markowski)