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Welcome to OPAC 97. This free service, partially funded by sponsorship from Amazon.co.uk, will allow you to find out what material is held in the major Reference and Document Supply collections of the British Library. In many cases it will also be possible to request copies of document supply material from the Library's Document Supply Centre (BLDSC) at Boston Spa.

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If you have not used the OPAC before please look at "General Help" for more information about the British Library collections and services and "Help with searching" for guidance on how best to use OPAC 97 to search for material. For a wider range of databases and many additional facilities the British Library offers Blaise, a priced online bibliographic information service, and inside, offering article title records from 20,000 journals and 70,000 conferences. Other opacs that may be of interest can be accessed through NISS (National Information Services and Systems) and the Library of Congress.

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