The Official Response

We were told that this is Bro. Trask's official e-mail reply to those who inquire about the revival in Brownsville.

  Choice Christian Greetings!

First, let me say that the Brownsville Assembly of God in Pensacola, Florida, is an outstanding church that has been in a sovereign move of the Spirit now for many months. I was there to minister on a Sunday morning last August. They have recorded thousands of people saved and the revival continues to go on. Every evangelical church in the city has benefited from this revival and many of our Assemblies of God churches are experiencing sovereign moves of the Spirit as a result of pastors and laypeople visiting this assembly.

Of course, if you go back in history, there have always been those who have not used wisdom and have allowed for excesses. People want revival so much that they try to produce it themselves. Some go to excesses with manifestations in the flesh. So this is a day that requires a greater responsibility upon leadership to try and keep a balance in the church. John Kilpatrick has used the term to 'pastor' the revival.

My appraisal of what is taking place is that where strong leadership is in place, there is a wonderful outpouring of the Holy Spirit with good balance. That does not mean that we have to put God in a box, it doesn't mean that we are saying to God He can't move outside the framework of which we are accustomed; but, its within the Scriptural guidelines given to us by His word. Where there seems to be weak leadership, then there are the excesses that are allowed. I guess from my vantage point, I'd rather have to deal with excesses with what God is doing, than have to try and stir the fire where it has been so dead. These are good problems, but certainly are not without caution, and without a deep concern from my vantage point.

The Assemblies of God has not endorsed or put its approval on everything that is taking place out there in the landscape of what is known as revival or renewal, whether it be Pensacola, Toronto, or some other place. We can have some indicators, however, in knowing what is of God and what is of the flesh. True revival, and a sovereign move of the Holy Spirit, always produces more than just an emotional high for the believer, but it becomes a motivating factor which carries to those who are lost. Seeing what God is doing and knowing that lives have been transformed by the Power of the Holy Spirit, verifies that God is doing a sovereign work within this church. The long and short of the whole matter is that we be open to what God is doing but not be gullible to everything that comes along under the banner of revival. Many of our churches are enjoying a sovereign move of the Holy Spirit. But these have always been supported by the foundation pillars of prayer, and result in an evangelism outreach where men and women are being saved, filled with the Holy Spirit, healed, and delivered.

Open your heart to God, look to Him rather than man or manifestations of the flesh. God will direct you, meet you where you are, and it will be satisfying to your spirit man. You can be the catalyst for bringing true revival, but it comes through prayer and fasting with an earnest desire to receive from the Lord.

I trust this information is helpful. Please join me in prayer that God would grant the Assemblies of God a revival of old-fashioned Pentecost so that sinner and saint will know that this is of the Spirit. May the Lord richly bless you is our sincere prayer.

Thomas E. Trask

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