Robert Vaughn Young Posts to ARS


Last update: September 5th, 1998

Photo from Der Spiegel

This is a collections of posts by Robert Vaughn Young to the Usenet newsgroup alt.religion.scientology, the main discussion forum for the Scientology cult on the internet. The posts are in a roughly logical order, not a chronological order.

I have made this webpage due to the importance of Mr. Young's posts to the forum. I believe that very few people write with as much eloquence from such a vast store of personal experience in Scientology as Mr. Young. Reading these posts will provide much insight into the inner workings of this controversial organization by a former high-level executive.

Anyone may use these files on their webpages with my permission as far as the htmlization goes; for copyright permission, Mr. Young should be consulted. In no way does this webbing of these posts made to a public forum constitute a reduction of Mr. Young's rights to his own writings, and I have not, via this webbing, published or distributed these posts so as to reduce his rights to his material. Mr. Young lives in Washington State presently, and may be reached at

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