Actor Prakashraj
                    He would scold his 'loving' wife, calling her "Pannaadai", "Pannaadai"! "Each and every second of an hour I spent with you can't get removed from my memory at all, even at the time of my body lying on the death bed"!---He could revel in poetic expressions like this! Whether is he good or bad, whether is he a hero or villain....? It's none but actor Prakashraj, the one whom the film "Duet" introduced to Tamil cinema!

                    In a very short period, Prakashraj has built up for himself a 'princely status' in Tamil cinefield.

                    Prakashraj was born in Bangalore, at St.Marthas Hospital, on 26th March, 1965. His original name was Prakash Rai. In a way, the world-famed beauty queen Aishwarya Rai is related to him, they say! K.Balachander changed his name to be called as Prakashraj, which he did in connection with the film "Duet", directed by the former.

                    Prakashraj's father is Manjunath Rai. Mother Swarnalata. His brother is Prasad. The latter is also a film actor. These brothers have one sister.

                     In 1993, he did do love-marriage with his love Lalithakumari, who is the sister of the famous, glamour artiste of Tamil filmfield called 'Disco' Shanthi. Prakashraj-Lalithakumari couple has one daughter by name Pooja.

                    While he was a student in the college, Prakashraj used to act in college dramas. It's because of this basic foundation that his dialogue delivery in films have come to be very alluring and appealing, having the effect of a magic spell!

                     The lucky source that led the way for him for getting the attention of the maga director K.Balachander was "Bairavi" Geetha. While both these artistes were teaming together in a Kannada film, Geetha came to know that Balachander was in search of a newface actor then, to do a role in his "Duet". She informed this to Prakashraj, who immediately came down to Chennai to meet Balachander. From then onwards, Prakashraj permanently settled down in Chennai.
                                                                              (To be continued).