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The momentum is with us. Come along for the ride.
Company News

Bush Narrowly Edges Gore in IGN.com Presidential Poll

ChickClick.com Election Poll Puts Gore in the Lead 2 to 1

Snowball Launches SnowballCollege Network

Snowball Launches Shopping Network

Snowball Announces 3rd Quarter Results

IGN.com Wins Wired Magazine's Readers Raves Award

Snowball Names Rick Boyce President Announces New VP of Networks/Publisher

Snowball Launches Marketing Research Division Focusing on Generation i

NFL and Snowball Partner for New Young Adult and Teen Web Site

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Hear that rumbling sound? That distant little roar that's getting just a bit louder?

It's not a freight train or an avalanche or the launch of the space shuttle. That's us - the sound of Snowball.com picking up speed. We're already the leading online network for the Internet generation, but as those of us who grew up with the Internet know, sitting still just won't fly. So we're growing and building - staying one step ahead of the Internet, which changes everyday.

Our networks have it all figured out. The Internet generation is irreverent, dynamic and hates to be talked down to. Members of Gen i grew up on the Net and know their peers have a lot to offer. That's why Snowball.com offers entertainment and resources for Gen i by Gen i. It's a place young people can come to hear what's important to them, share their ideas and find out what's new. Our five major networks - ChickClick, IGN.com, SnowballCollege.com, SnowballShopping.com,HighSchoolAlumni.com - and their growing number of partner sites combine to provide current, opinionated and far-reaching content that is updated every day.

We are i

Snowball.com is the leading provider of online content, community and commerce for Gen i- by Gen i. We understand that the Internet generation, a diverse and dynamic group made up of 13- to 30-year-olds, responds best to its own voice. We are that voice.

Young people require no behavioral shift when it comes to the Internet. Gen i is Web-centric, meaning its members are already online and going to the Web first for information, entertainment and communication. And because Gen i is an influential and shifting force online, we are constantly growing to offer even more choices. With the help of our partner sites - 300 and counting - our reach is spreading exponentially.

Snowball.com's networks come at the world from diverse points of view. That's the mark of Gen i. Its members refuse to conform to any cookie-cutter, mass-market view of the world. They want the world their way, on their own terms - and presented in their own language. They can find all that here, where there's fresh, exceptional content and a host of useful, free services.

We are the i conduit

Snowball isn't just about delivering cool content and resources to Generation i. We also work behind the scenes to make it possible for Generation i to reach more users and advertisers, and deliver a captive audience to businesses who want to reach the Web's most active audience.

By joining our network, Generation i content partners get exposure to audience development and advertising opportunities they couldn't get on their own. We do this by providing an e-business infrastructure that includes a national advertising sales force, marketing tools, technical support a variety of free community tools they can offer their users.

By becoming our marketing partner, companies like New Line Cinema, drugstore.com, edu.com and EBWorld have used a variety of Snowball's e-marketing tools to attract Generation i, including customer acquisition, lead generation, custom research and creative services.