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Islamic Thought


This section is an attempt to provide a 'springboard' for exploring texts and resources on Islamic thought, ideas, and related issues (see also Sacred Texts). Although there is a fine line b etween the histories of Islamic thought and Muslim civilization, it is useful to treat the study of Islam, the faith, somewhat differently than history, politics and analysis of Muslim peoples (see The Muslim World - history, news and issues forums).

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* General Islamic issues

* History

* Character and Discipline (Akhlaaq w'al Adaab)

* Jurisprudence (Fiqh-ash-Shari`ah)

* Theology (Kalaam)

* Mysticism (Tasawwuf, Tazkiyyat-ul-Nafs)

* Philosophy (Falsafah)

* Science (`Uloom) -- physical, social, commercial

* Comparative Religious Studies

* Bibliographies