Height: 5"8

Weight: 112 pounds

Measurements: 36-23-33

Cup size:Try and guess.

Birthday: November 12th. Which makes me a Scorpio, so don't F*ck with me!

Jobs held before and during wrestling: Child and teen modeling for the Ford agency in NYC.

Donut stuffer at Country donuts in Staten Island, NY ( I used to eat them till I would puke, thank god they never showed up on my thighs!),

Assistant production manager/ fit model in the garment district in NYC ( Can't tell you company name 'cause I might end up back there when wrestling is done),

Booker for Lil' stars modeling agency in NYC

Bartender for a bunch of different places

Hot oil wrestler for Billy Dean and Goldfingers (Best job I ever had!)

Booker for the Famous club BADA BING (satin dolls) and other go-go bars around the NY/NJ area.

Education: 1 year in SI community for applied computer science (That's why I am in wrestling. TOTALLY SUCKED!), Currently finishing up my degree for Graduate gemologist at the Gemology Institute of America (GIA)...Yea, so I like diamonds, maybe Iam planning a heist.

Oh yeah, and of course, The Fabulous "Camp Moolah " in Columbia, South Carolina and the "Unpredictable Johnny Rodz" School of Pro Wrestling.

Marital status: single and loving it.


Growing up in New York City, a child of the NY club scene, Elektra was destined for a modeling career, the rebel that she was inside made her turn away from it, as she instead followed her heart and decided to be trained as a pro wrestler, learning under the likes of alltime greats the Fabulous Moolah, Lelani Kai, and Velvet McIntyre.

Working around the Northeastern Independent circuit, Elektra found her calling when she made her debut in Extreme Championship Wrestling, the promotion run by an old friend from her NYC club days in the infamous China Club.

Making her debut as a gift from Cyrus the Virus to Danny Doring when he was in his deepest misery, Elektra once provided ringside assistance and distraction for Doring and Roadkill, but opted to allign herself with a superior team, Lou E. Dangerously's Dangerous Alliance, CW Anderson and Billy Wiles.

Lashing out at her "old friend" ECW Executive Producer Paul Heyman for never helping her when he was in a position to do so years ago, Elektra declared she would have her comeuppance by siding with Lou.

When the Dangerous Alliance went its separate ways, Elektra searched for a new protege, finally settling on ECW newcomer EZ Money. Amazingly beautiful, Elektra shows no fear when it comes to defending her men in the ring, whether the assailant be male or female.

Elektra brings many assets to Extreme Championship Wrestling, as evidenced by the loud reaction she gets from the ECW faithful everytime she makes her way to the ring.