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Britney, Kinman, Coté, and Matt Ray


Established in 2000 Portal-Potty is a "Portal Solution" for the web. Our mission statement, as eloquently articulated by Ed "Doozer" Goodwin:

To leverage our core competency of indefinite abstraction in an attempt to overutilize hardware solutions that would appear to be more powerful than any others used in our existing market space.


Portal-Potty.com currently has these fine "indefinite abstractions" in the queue:

The Mr. Brown Page - watch us as we enjoy consuming this fine canned coffee drink.

Foosball - our sport of passion at work, foosball.

jplouis fan page - home of the jplouis cam.

Coral Quotes - the verbal hijinks of work.

Developer Cam
- What are those wacky developers up to at Coral? 8am-8pm M-F CST

Developer Restaurant Reviews - The developers think they know restaurants.

Other Reviews - Sometimes you just gotta espouse your beliefs.

Doozer's Dumps - Ed "Doozer" Goodwin's new somewhat weekly column. Enjoy!

Econobonics - Practice the art of corporate banter. And, while you're there, check out the Doggie Cam. 4 views of what 2 dogs do at home during the day.

Valanju Foundation - What does a guy named Jay think up in a day? Well, if you have to know, try this site out.


11/14/2000 - Check out www.ValanjuFoundation.org. You'll be a better person for it. At least, Jay thinks so.

9/22/2000 - Check out our new lettering choices and help us pick out one to use in the Portal Potty redesign. It is the subject of the current Developer Cam poll.

9/2/2000 - We are now offering Portal-Potty.com email forwarding! You too can be anybody@portal-potty.com and have mail sent to that address forwarded to the account of your choice. Click here for details.

Also, Doozer's Dumps have started. Be the first on your block to check it out.


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