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Here you can read the most important news and changes inside the group since the birth of Lockless (once named SkyNet), enjoy watching what you've missed and remember...
...we fly high...

Discovered another lamer (3rd in a month!) who stole OUR background: welcome to the Lockless black book "johnes".
3 cracks by NikDH added, well done guy!

Added 7 new cracks by X-Lock.

Added a new crack (UltraEdit-32 7.20a by -alx) and a new crackme by PhotoPaul.
Cracks section completely restyled.
NikDH is now a full member, welcome to the crew!

A new tutorial has been added: how to crack WinProxy version 3.0R1E by Prof. Pinker, check it out in our tutorialz section.

10 new cracks released by Prof. Pinker and X-Lock, we now have 355 releases available.

Lotsa news today!
We added 4 new cracks by X-Lock, 2 tutorials by -alx and Boba Fett and 3 new crackmes by Boba Fett.
Discovered other lamerz who stole our work (this time is, once again, the background image), just like those lamerz named "odessa" this time it's the turn of "crawler-html", they obviously don't deserve their link to be shown here but if you should encounter one of this lame site remember that what you see has been originally handmade by US! Once again a HUGE "fuck you!" to the lamerz stealing our (hard) work.
We're glad to welcome a new trial member: have a good work NikDH!
Last but not least we'd like to let know as many people as we can about Aureate's spying system: it's a method featured by many programs to give away your (user's) personal infos for commercial purposes and without letting you know anything. To learn more about its dangerousness take a look at this doc: http://www.hackzone.ru/hack/acid.txt.
Fortunately we care about your privacy so you can find here a program to scan and delete the files which allow this stealing of your data, you can always trust in Lockless :-)

More than 40 new cracks have been added thanks to the hard work of Boba Fett (of course :-) ), Prof. Pinker, -alx and our new member X-Lock, welcome to the crew guy!
Seems that many people appreciated our ICQ "helpdesk" so the service will keep on running again at least for this month, the UIN is always the same: 72758733 and don't forget to reach us on EFNET too (#lockless).

Seems it has been a long time with no updates but we worked hard to fix several broken links and page problems, most of them have now finally been solved but the amount of work to do is still large. We're planning to open several new sections, renew the existing ones in the next days and add lotsa new cool stuff.
To do that we're looking for people really interested in managing our Hacking section and collecting all the latest tools, requests are:
- good knowledge about existing tools and exploits
- keeping informed about new or upcoming tools and exploits
- possibility to ensure frequent updates
- possibility to upload programs directly
- real interest
If you think you could be the person we're looking for feel free to write us (@lockless.com addresses are still not working) and you'll be engaged as a trial member.
Last but not least since our e-mail addresses are still down you can reach us, besides at #lockless on EFNET, with ICQ at the following UIN: 72758733.
This should be just a temporarily service to allow requests about cracks, infos, etc. until our e-mails will be fixed but if many people appreciate it we'll consider to keep it up permanently.

We're honoured to welcome a new great member to our council: welcome to the crew Chavagnha!
Some great stuff uploaded to our Cracking Tools section: IDA 4.0.4, SoftICE 4.05 for WinNT/2K and many others are finally available.

Some uploading work has been done, you can now find all the tools available in the Cracking Toolz section and some page problems have been fixed.
Please don't try to send any e-mail, the addresses haven't been fixed yet and the mails would come back to you. Sorry for the inconveniences which are still occuring, we're working hard to come back better than ever.

We're back! Who said Lockless was dead?
Our server problems have been definitively solved, finally!
Who we gotta thank for that? You should notice it by yourselves in the next days ;-)
Anyway you'll still encounter 404 problems until the uploading work will be done, please be patient and you won't be disappointed :-)

Yado is our new Vice President, congratulations!

After more than two years of great suppling we're glad to welcome Wizard to our crew, you deserve it!

200.000 visitors barrier broke down, we can't say anything else than a HUGE THANX to all our supporters! Thanx for believing in us, we'll always do all we can to satisfy you!

We're glad to announce we got a new member: welcome to the crew Kab00m!
Take a look at our EFNET channel, seems our bots problems have been solved...
A welcome also to Prof. Pinker who joined the council, congratulations!

Added some new cracks and another tutorial by KaRNak.

3 new sections added!
Finally we have our own message board so from now on any Lockless fan will be able to post public messages to any member or whoever s/he wants, the only thing we ask you is not to use it to post crack requests and read the rulez before, thanx!
A new virii section has been opened, right now there are 145 virus available but expect lotsa more very soon.
Added also a members only section.

The 300 cracks barrier has been broke down and we now have 312 releases available!
Also added a cracking tutorial by KaRNak, well done guy :-)

First Lockless trainer publicly released, the game it has been made for is Vampire: The Masquerade Redemption, if you got any trainer request feel free to send it to the usual address crackrequest@lockless.com. You can find the trainer in the "Lockless Prodz" section.
Welcome to our new trial member Majkrosoft!

Two new memberz joined our group: welcome to the crew Emileus and Kk!

Some days of vacation also for our group but we're back with lotsa new additions.
First we added even more crackz, we now have 290 releases available and lotsa more are coming soon.
Two serialz page have also been updated and Chenli, one of our fans, provided us with a regged and full working version of the TRW2000 disassembler to replace the previous one on our site, thanx a lot Chenli!.
Last but absolutely not least a great welcome to PhotoPaul who gained full membership after the trial period: welcome to the crew!

Crackz section massively updated, a total of 270 releases is now available.
Released the new version of Lockless MailBomber (1.2) by BadHead and two new tutorials respectively by Yado and PhotoPaul.

Our IRC channel #lockless has been moved on the EFNET, please remember to change your connection's server or you won't find anyone :-)
We're glad to welcome to our crew 6 new trial memberz:
- BatMaN
- PhotoPaul
- bat'Koljo
- FireWallee
- pOpY
- -alx
Have a good work guyz!
Lotsa crackz added and Cracking Toolz section updated.
A huge "thanx!" to all our fans who sent us their own crackz or serialz even without being part of our crew, you rox!

A new member joined us: welcome to the crew Prof. Pinker!

Once again we discovered a fucking lamer stealing our work: this time it's the turn of "groovedj", a asshole who's selling our Bleem release. Indeed if you visit "his" page you're asked to subscribe a sort of virtual drive service with his referral number to be able to donwload the stolen file making him earn some money.
To a piece of shit like this we just wanna say a huge FUCK YOU!
Lockless NEVER asked money to anyone and never will do, we're doing all we do just for passion and devotion to the scene and NOT to earn cash.
A huge "thanx!" instead must go to all our supporters who always report us these thefts, thanx a lot Dan!

The Lockless Productionz section is now finally open!
Added about 20 new crackz, we now have 236 releases.
Broke down the 100.000 visitors barrier!

Got a new courier: welcome to the crew Dark Schneider!
Changed our guestbook, to see old one's entries go to this page, hope you'll enjoy it!

If Lockless is your favourite cracking group go to this address http://sicker.nailed.org/vote2.php and vote for us, thanx to Ultraschall for being so friendly!
We're moving most of our cracks to a new server so some of them coud be not available at the moment, we apologize in advance for that.

2nd new member in a month! Welcome to the crew +^i$궰^+

A fucking lamer named "risc" (NOT the Ebola Virus Crew's one!) stole Yado's Bleem crack and made a patch just comparing the original and the cracked .EXEs spreading it as his own production!
If you compare the original Yado's cracked .EXE and the one generated by that laming patch you'll notice they're exactly the same! Yado's cracking routines are all there and every byte is equal!
Quickly discovered by Yado himself he admitted his faults and removed the stolen crack from his site.
Just to let you know which kind of lamerz are there in the scene...

Some new cracks added.
We're now looking for couriers, if you think you could apply write to info@lockless.com and give us some details about your connection, your availability and other useful informations.

A new section is gonna be opened: Lockless Productionz. Here you'll find all the progs and utils (cracking tools, hacking tools, crackmes, etc.) coded exclusively by Lockless members, take a look very soon!
6 new cracks added.

Hacking section massively updated!
SoftICE 4.05 for Win9x, Hiew 6.40 and some new cracks uploaded.

Lockless broke down the 200 crackz barrier!
We got a new member: welcome to the crew resreveR!

Lockless finally opened its own IRC channel!
Connect to any IRCNET server and join #lockless to chat with us and lotsa other people!
And if you shouldn't meet anyone... follow the instructions and leave us an offline message, we'll reply you as soon.
Great work Kill3r!

Huge update!
Our Cracks section now stores 192 crackz, the Serials section has been massively updated and SmartCheck is now finally available in Cracking Tools.
Last but not least Lockless now has it's own WAP site! Keep an eye on http://www.wapdrive.net/lockless to be always informed about site's updates!

Back after one week of idle with a new section: WinNT/2K Hacking, all about exploits and security holes discovered by our hacking division.
By the way we still have to welcome a new member: welcome to the crew Panzerknacker!

New section created: PWL Hacking, all about hacking Windows passwords!
Several broken links in hacking toolz section fixed, cracking toolz and tutorialz sections updated.

Several broken links fixed, cracking toolz are now available for download.

www.lockless.com is here!
Please remember to update your bookmarks and expect LOT of great newz in the near future!
Two memberz left the crew due to their inactivity: Scyree and Trinity, good luck...

As written in the pre-index page in the middle of this month we'll move to a new server, don't forget to upgrade your bookmarks!
We are very glad to welcome two new memberz: Yado and Mamouth, welcome to the crew guyz!!!
Last but not least Faladi did a great work and the serialz section has been completely rebuilt, it contains at the moment more than 5000 serialz!!! Take a look now!

A new mirror to store stuff has been opened so part of the broken links have been fixed, we'll do all the possible to do the whole work asap.

Very few updates in the first days of this year but we're working hard to heavily improve the site as soon as possible.
Expect lotsa new great changes in the near future.
By the way two new members added, welcome to the crew LSH and Trinity!

Lockless 2K is here!
After one year of success we're still here even bigger and stronger to always bring you just the best!
A HUGE Thanx to anyone who supported us and contributed to improve our service every day, you are our biggest satisfaction!

We have a new member aboard: welcome to the crew Boba Fett!
Several dead links fixed. Patches, Disassemblers and Hacking sections updated.

Still no new URL :-( but we have at least found a new host where we can put all the stuff, in a short time there sould be no more dead links! We just need time to finish the upload :-)
By the way several new cracks have been added, some of them are still not downloadable for the reasons you know but expect they'll be very soon, special regards to CAPI for the great work he did!

This was a month with very few updates, all is due to the fact we'll soon (very soon) move our page to www.lockless.com and the uploading work is taking longer than we expected, we apologize of that and we assure the new site will be ready as soon as possible.
We have four (!) new members: Scyree, No Ca$h, Ne and Faladi! Welcome to the crew guys!

We're moving most of our files to a new faster server so we can't assure the availability of all the files until the uploading work will be done.
We apologize in advance for that trusting in Your continued support.
- the Lockless crew -

The Elite Crackers Toplist seems to have gone at all, maybe in the next days we'll definitively remove the link.
Additions to the cracks section and a few also to the tutorials and the "Hard to find" ones.

Lockless reached 10.000 visitors! Thanx to anyone who keeps on supporting us!!!
Few improvements to the page's design and few additions to the cracks section.

We have a new cracker in our group: welcome to the crew CAPI!

A new section is open! In "Hard to find" you can download all the programs (old & new) you've always looked for but never found. Just ask us and we'll provide you!

A long time without upgrades but lotsa improvements to the page's design and contents.
First of all we finally opened the tutorials section where you can find some interesting and useful docs about cracking and hacking.
Then we changed a bit the page's design and added some cracks to our patches section and some VERY interesting (and large... :-P ) programs in our Disassemblers section.
We're also gonna open a new section and modify some existing ones... more to come...

Lockless opened its own IRC channel!!! Come for a chat at #lockless on powertech.no.eu.DAL.net (ports allowed 6667,6668,7000), you can talk about anything, request cracks, ask for infos... whatever you want! No hassles such as "read the rules before" or "talk about intelligent things" or again "you can't request cracks" - got it #p... ? Eh..eh...

Happy birthday to us!! Happy birthday to us!!
In the day of the first millenium bug (heh heh... what a bullshit!!) the Lockless crew is proud to celebrate the first year of its activity!
For the event Lord Anshar decided to write a very short note to thank all the people who always (more or less) supported us, you can read it here.
We could never have grown 'til here without your support, a huge THANKS hoping you'll always keep on supporting us.
- the Lockless crew -

A great welcome to our two new members KniX and BuG! Welcome to the crew guys... and have a good work!
Few additions to the cracks section.

The 2nd volume of our Cracking Trial is finally done! Download it now here (116Kb) and have fun!

Phew! Twelve days without writing anything in the news section but this doesn't mean there haven't been changes!
First of all we'd like to say a huge THANX! to all the people who keep on supporting us and allowed us to become as we are now.
Maybe you noticed we're at the second place of the eVC elite cracking list and we're counting something like 200 visitors each day in the last weeks.
Then we have uploaded (finally) the cracks section with some new cracks and the old coming-soon/never-released cracks... finally!
Last but not least watch out for our Cracking Trial, in the next days (if not already tomorrow!) we're gonna release the volume #2! The challenge goes on... :-)

Few changes to site's look... expect new updates today...

We're very proud to announce that The hacking Paranoiaz is now in cooperation with Lockless, expect lotsa great innovations in the near future!
Megathanx and greetz to dA bYTE fROG and all the ThP crew! (Hey PhatAzz! Danke für dein wilkommen botschaft! - DeadEyE, du cracked mein uneinnehmbar schöpfung! Unverzeihlich... :-) )
Thanx to R!SC of Ebola Virus Crew for the keygen of our Cracking Trial, hey guy... you rock!
New short URL for our site: http://lockless.tsx.org

We have a new member! He's been the first to crack our Cracking Trial, great work! Welcome to the crew eXXodY ^99!

After two weeks of vacation we're back!!!
A great welcome to our new member Kroma! Keep on crackin' guy... you're talented!
Hacking section updated, huge addiction to codes sections coming soon...
Megathanx to anyone who downloaded and cracked our cracking trial (Kroma, Prof. X, eXXodY ^99, DeadEyE, R!SC), glad you liked it!

Hacking and cracks section massively updated.
Released a new version of the Lockless Cracking Trial, download it here (130Kb).
Watch out! From now on all Lockless productions (cracks, progs, etc.) will be named with a L99_ at the beginning.

The hacking section (nukers, bombers, etc.) is now open!!!

The disassemblers & editors download section is now free for everyone!

Lockless is proud to present the first Lockless Cracking Trial for all the wannabe members.
Just download it here (125Kb) and try to crack it! C'mon, it's easy!

Added a new mirrorsite! The address is: http://homepage.swissonline.net/lockless
Lockless joined the United Cracking Force's elite toplist.

Lockless is very proud to welcome a new valid member to its team! Have a good job BadHead!
Added lotsa codes and five new patches. Download page updated.

New and old patches added.
Few minor changes...

New patches added, Lockless logo coming soon...
Previously added a counter, a guestbook and a short URL (http://come.to/lockless).

Several things changed to page's design and more patches and cracking utilities added.
Still working to the serial numbers and tutorials sections.

So here we are again! SkyNet is dead but we're back tougher than ever with a new name: Lockless!
The feeling inside the group is of course always the same but there are some changes we should explain...
First we (still only Asterix & Anshar) designed secific roles in which anyone specialized and these are hacking for Asterix and cracking for Anshar.
Of course we always do both things each one but all started from the idea to write some hacking/cracking tutorials for beginners and advanced.
That's why you can expect in a near future to find lotsa interesting stuff in this page.