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Microsoft to Reorganize.
Microsoft Posted by CmdrTaco on Monday February 08, @02:27PM
from the divide-and-conquer dept.
cswiii writes "this CNN article reports that MS is gonna reorganize into 4 separate divisions. Sounds to me like they're trying to look like the "Baby Bells", to alleviate the monopoly claims... " The groups are consumers, enterprise, developers and "Knowledge Workers" which strikes me as being a very amusing term.

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    More astroturf
    by Anonymous Coward on Monday February 08, @02:33PM

    Right, and if you believe that microsoft is going to willingly break up into pieces, then I've got a bridge I'd like to sell.

    This is just a cosmetic thing, nothing more. The 'real' microsoft will still be united, behind the scenes, all under the control of Napoleon Billapart. It won't change a damn thing.

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    Pre-emptive Strike (Score:1)
    by Isochrome (jsarapata@SPAMyahooMICROSOFT.com) on Monday February 08, @02:47PM
    (User Info) http://
    It's just pre-emptive. After the last three witnesses in the trial, they are preparing for a potential loss. The most obvious remedy the government could seek is separating the company into Internet, application, and OS pieces. SInce this would eliminate much of Microsoft's advantage, they are suggesting other possible ways of dividing the pie.

    "We already have four logical divisions. Why not just use those?"
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    Baby Bills
    by Anonymous Coward on Monday February 08, @02:47PM
    I like the term Baby Bill's better. That aside though, it doesn't seem likely that a Microsoft sponsered breakup would work any better today than years ago when there was supposed to be a 'wall' between OS and applications teams. The theory was that Lotus developers would have the same acces to Windows developers as Word guy's would.

    Didn't work then, won't work now.

    My solution?

    Make Microsoft sell using open contracts and be done with it. If Microsoft were forced to deal openly then the market would be competitive and options would flourish. Microsoft maintains it's market share by illegally (in my opinion) slashing prices to drive out competition on a deal by deal basis. If they sell Windows to Gateway for half the price they do to other vendors then open pricing will give the other vendors tremendous leverage to use in their negotiations.

    Knowledge is power boys, and right now BillG has the deck stacked. (if you will pardon the mixed metaphor).
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    Leaner and MEANER
    by Anonymous Coward on Monday February 08, @02:48PM
    Well if MS indeed breaks up each group can focus even more on brutalizing their respective market and be more efficient at it. Or we can hope uncle Bill continues to be monopolistic and things are only as bad as they are now. What would be great is that MS breaks up and Bill just gets one piece (1/5) and is prohibitied by law from plunging into other sectors. The OS could be given to a free market committe comprised of PC integrators so they have a benefit as well in keeping the OS alive.
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    This is actually overdue (Score:1)
    by RocketScientist on Monday February 08, @02:50PM
    (User Info)
    If you look back at how MS has operated in the past, you'll see that this is a fairly standard procedure for them every few years. It's also pretty common for any company that size to restructure itself periodically. It helps keep people on their toes and keep the business able to respond to changes in the marketplace.

    For most companies, this means a 3-tier restructuring: The VP's, Directors and Managers will all get swapped around, and there really won't be any impact on the people above the VP's or the people below the managers. Any VP's, Directors, or Managers that haven't been meeting their objectives will get transferred to Upper Volta to manage the new goat herding project.

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    4 Divisions
    by Anonymous Coward on Monday February 08, @02:52PM
    Redmond - Microsoft corp. announced this weekend that they will be re-organizing into four functionally distinct divisions: Lying, Cheating, Stealing, and Crashing. Wall Street analysts agree that this change will better enable MSFT to achieve its strategic goals.

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    No Subject Given
    by Anonymous Coward on Monday February 08, @02:55PM
    So does this mean windows 2000, won't exist? The consumer/enterprise thing would just spawn a greater gap between MS so called "good" stuff (NT etc), and the stuff they almost admit to be garbage (ie win98, works, etc).

    And is it me or does "knowledge workers" sound very 1984ish?
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    They're not breaking up, they're reorganizing.
    by Anonymous Coward on Monday February 08, @02:56PM
    MS isn't breaking up, they're just reorganizing. That's what big companies do when they don't know what else to do.

    A Seattle Times story on 2/7 indicates that a lot of what happens in this reorganization depends on whether Brad Silverberg decides to step in. Silverberg was the guy who spearheaded Windows 95 and (I think) IE 4.0, and is currently on leave of absence. The article hinted that quite a few people at MS will base their decisions to stay with the company on what Silverberg does. I don't have the URL but I'm sure it's available: check the Seattle Times web site at seatimes.com.

    - I'm not an anonymous coward, but I do play one on Slashdot.
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    Is it just me... (Score:1)
    by Cooty on Monday February 08, @02:57PM
    (User Info)
    ...or did Microsoft make the design change of whether to base W2k on 98 or NT a teensy bit late in the process? Sounds like they have almost started over from scratch.

    Even as a libertarian I would shed no tears for a DOJ victory over Microsoft and subsequent creation of Baby Bells (Baby Windows?)... but gov't intervention is hardly necessary. We will continue to see the decline and fall of the Microsoft monopoly whether we like it or not, and whether it has a "Knowledge Workers" division or not. You can shuffle your organizational structure all you want, but that doesn't change who you are, or what you do.
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    Reorg! (Score:1)
    by RobotSlave (eds@nospam.subpop.com) on Monday February 08, @02:57PM
    (User Info) http://www.subpop.com
    Microsoft has a major reorg every six months, at least. There is a newsletter that prints nothing but Microsoft organizational information. Why they decided to make a big deal of this one in the press is anyone's guess. I think it just makes them look frightened, but I'm a Linux geek, right? The funniest part of that article was the hint that Windows CE is poised to explode. Didn't Bill "bet the ranch" on NT5?
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    • Reorg! by Anonymous Coward on Monday February 08, @07:35PM

    Challenge: Name Microsoft's 4 New Divisions
    by Anonymous Coward on Monday February 08, @02:57PM
    Here's my submission:

    1. PR & FUD

    2. Legal

    3. Acquisitions

    4. Embrace & Extension Research

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    Deja vu all over again (Score:1)
    by Masem (mneylon@engin.umich.edu) on Monday February 08, @02:59PM
    (User Info) http://pinky.wtower.com/mneylon
    This is nearly the same thing that happened with
    Dow Corning just before the final decision on the
    group lawsuit against their breast implants
    was made. Basically, split off the division that
    was responsible, and only have that division
    suffer the penalty for losing the case.
    I wonder if the folks in Redmond smell blood in
    the air? (Also, IIRC, Dow the parent company
    was still forced to pay the settlement for the
    breast implant case, even though they had split
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    Chinese Wall (Score:1)
    by Chris Johnson on Monday February 08, @03:00PM
    (User Info)
    This is meaningless. My understanding of the current situation is that the MS subdivisions ALREADY do not communicate with each other, share code, or cooperate- legislating that they mustn't do what they already don't do will accomplish exactly squat.
    In a way, it's a totally meaningless concession and the only thing they'd be giving up is the _chance_ to work together and possibly overcome this fragmentation and make a better Windows- which must be considered unlikely anyhow, corporations being what they are. All this means is that Windows isn't going to start getting better, or more reliable. It says nothing about what will happen to Windows as a result, because nothing will happen, because this is not a change in any way, merely the formalization of an existing state of affairs.
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    Better reorg (Score:1)
    by Christopher Craig (com-nospam@ccraig.org) on Monday February 08, @03:02PM
    (User Info) http://www.ccraig.org
    Ministry of Love
    Ministry of Truth
    Ministry of Quality
    Ministry of Innovation

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    by Anonymous Coward on Monday February 08, @03:07PM
    oh, my god! billy gates is out of his mind! does he really think that this is going to lift the usjd charges against him?
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    Knowledge Workers? (Score:1)
    by cpt kangarooski on Monday February 08, @03:09PM
    (User Info)
    Oh, _I_ recognize that! IIRC those were the sorts that the Mac was oriented at. One of Steve Jobs' ideas, I think. Geeze, can't MS ever come up with anything on its own?

    -- I support anonymous posting.
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    Seperating "Knowledge Workers" (Score:1)
    by mholve (mike@nospam.eunuchs.org) on Monday February 08, @03:11PM
    (User Info) http://eunuchs.org
    Hmmm, so that's like admitting most of the people working there are morons... ;>
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    Better reorg (Score:1)
    by Christopher Craig (com-nospam@ccraig.org) on Monday February 08, @03:11PM
    (User Info) http://www.ccraig.org
    Ministry of Love
    Ministry of Truth
    Ministry of Quality
    Ministry of Innovation

    Seriously, even if there were to be complete seperation between the divisions they have proposed (which was required of AT&T; and the baby bells, but MS doesn't have); it still wouldn't stop them from unfairly using market power. The only way to get a competitive market is to give third party application designers equal access to the OS as Microsoft and prevent Microsoft from exclusive bundling agreements with hardware vendors. (Or just wait for Microsoft's bloat and lack of quality and innovation to topple them naturally, which may take a while since they can continue their current practice of making their products incompatible with standards and forcing you to buy their products if you buy a prebuilt PC from a major vendor)
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    Reorg Plan Looks Good
    by Anonymous Coward on Monday February 08, @03:23PM

    This looks like one of the better reorganization plans I've seen. The challenge will be maintaining products like NT which cut across all of the divisions.

    Microsoft is nothing if not adaptive to the market and I've always thought their most underrated strengths were smart organization and human resources.


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    Yes, but what about Bill?
    by Anonymous Coward on Monday February 08, @03:33PM
    If he runs the show still, nothing's changed. Slay the beast, says I...
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    Why would this be because the anti-trust trial?
    by Anonymous Coward on Monday February 08, @04:05PM
    When it's going to be 5-10 years before that comes to any real conclusion.

    This is more likely just a PR-friendly way to get rid of the managers that are responsible for a very late NT 5.
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    Singing the MS blues
    by Anonymous Coward on Monday February 08, @04:06PM
    "Will to Live"

    I feel miserable
    Windows make me ill
    I feel miserable
    Blue screens tear at my foundations
    I feel miserable
    Decommoditized protocols are dragging me down to the depths of misery
    I want to die

    Is it because of Bill Gates that I feel this way?
    With the Redmond rays of misery pounding on my brain?
    Or am I lost in tale of Visual Basic, adrift far from home
    I don't think so, I don't think so.

    Microsoft Broke My Will to Live
    Microsoft Broke My Will to Live
    Microsoft Broke My Will to Live
    I was getting better but then
    Microsoft Broke My Will to Live

    I feel miserable
    Constant upgrades rot the flesh from my bones
    I feel miserable
    Buggy hotfixes defeat my purpose
    I feel miserable
    MicroSerfs are doing their best to impale my soul
    I want to die

    Is it because of Bill Gates that I feel this way?
    With the Redmond rays of misery pounding on my brain?
    Am I lost in tale of Visual Basic, adrift far from home
    I don't think so, I don't think so.

    Microsoft Broke My Will to Live
    Microsoft Broke My Will to Live
    Oh God, Microsoft Broke My Will to Live
    I was getting better but then
    Microsoft Broke My Will to Live

    This is the product of playing with the Alanis Morisette Lyric Generator.
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    Microsoft to Reorganize! (Score:1)
    by Squeeze Truck on Monday February 08, @04:17PM
    (User Info)
    Spearheaded by Lord Ballmer, the new divisions will be:

    The Department of Resource Usage: the price of RAM and hard drives keeps going down. This oversight group will make sure the size of Microsoft software keeps pace.

    The Department of Sneaky Shenanigans: Responsible for crafting videoapes, bribing officials, writing letters to the editor, buddying up with badthink reporters, and contract negotiations.

    The Embrace and Extend Department: Current projects include MS Win-IP which will enable 64-bit IP addressing encapsulated in NetBEUI for 9x and NT machines (Gigabit ethernet reccomended), and MS Active Penguin 3.0, a Win32 API which brings productivity to Linux machines (Linux kernel 2.0.30 and libc5 required).

    The Advertising Department: which governs all other departments. Headed by Bill.
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    knowledge workers (Score:1)
    by Luis Espinal on Monday February 08, @04:18PM
    (User Info) http://www.cs.fiu.edu/~lespin03
    Actually, the term "knowledge workers" is not a strange term. If I understand correctly, a knowledge worker is a sort of a business analyst, but unlike the common idea of a business analyst, a knowledge worker has far more freedom to define her own style of work. That is, she is free to use whatever form of obtaining and organizing information. A common busines analyst will be usually constrained by what information she can process, how she gets it, where she gets it. In short, she is constrained by the organizational infrastructure (and most of the time by the very corporate culture.) Also, a business analyst will do other things regarding accounting, finance, management or whatever the business may be. A knowledge worker has not constrains, and her sole purpose is to obtain information regarding the business (business meaning stock market or insurance market or software market or ...) and spit predictions or analyses based on that info. I think that what is is, and I think there are some papers in the ACM digital library. For anyone interested (if you have access of course), just do a search using the keywords "knowledge worker" or "computer literacy".

    If my understanding of it is somewhat (or totally) wrong, I'd love to hear it.

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    End of Microsoft as we know it (Score:1)
    by David Ishee on Monday February 08, @04:38PM
    (User Info)
    This is the beginning of the end.

    It will not be due to Linux, OS/2, Be, or the DOJ, but due to the PHB (Pointy Haired Bosses).

    When large companies get on the reorganization/re-engineering bandwagon, they just can't stop. The PHB's love playing musical chairs in the board rooms and trying to grab more turf and extend their little empires. Once they re-org and they don't take over the world, they re-org again to try and get it right this time. Meanwhile, they ignore the trivial tasks dealing with running the company and the stock price slowly sinks, and the smart people get out while the gettin' is good. The PHB's strike again.

    A PHB is like a tactical nuke. A really good one will cause much focused destruction and poison the area for anyone wanting to clean up after. We need more PHB's at Microsoft!!!!
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    One of the best features at Microsoft
    by Anonymous Coward on Monday February 08, @05:17PM
    Water Features - fountains, pools, creeks, and other wet stuff worked into the landscape.

    We have this babbling little creek running through the RedWest campus. There is a big granite rock in the middle of it and water comes splashing out of the top of it and back into the creek.

    Its quiet happy gurgling sound is a very refreshing. I like to sneak outside for a few minutes in the afternoon and listen to it. Its stress relieving qualities are most excellent. I suggest you try it.

    -microsoft boy
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    Balmer == PHB? (Score:1)
    by nighthawk (dana@indyweb.No.spam.net) on Monday February 08, @05:23PM
    (User Info) www.indyfsbo.com
    I think Nick Petrely(sp?) was right. Balmer was appointed to oversee the destruction of MS. I know that the techies aren't the best at running a company but think of all the places where someone who didn't "Get it"(tm) was placed in charge, and that moment was the company's first downward inflection point.

    Steve thinks partitioning will allow for easier targeting and control. He forgets that much of the innovation (what does that have to do with ms?) in the computer industry comes from unstructured organizations. Now MS will have to get 4 organizations marching together or even turning together to repond to new threats. What if one of the baby bill's products becomes the new threat?

    As the new MS responds to new market forces, Steve will probably insist that the walls between the mini MS's keep being raised as they start slopping over into each others areas. This could be fun to watch.

    Bill was right when he said that any one of a hundred new technologies could unseat MS. Steve just made it easier to mismanage MS while this happens:-)

    It took GM executives 20 years to mismanage GM from a world force to the position it's in now. I wonder if the time compression in the comp industry will wreck MS in 20% of that time.
    [ Reply to this ]
    Not News
    by Anonymous Coward on Monday February 08, @05:26PM
    A) Microsoft reorgs in a minor way every year, and in a major way every 5 years. There's plenty of news history to document this.

    B) It's amusing to see that they're reorging the "product" divisions away. If they govt. does try to break them up, this will make it harder for the govt to break them up into OS/Apps/etc..
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    Such cynicism... (Score:1)
    by Iain. on Monday February 08, @05:30PM
    (User Info) http://www.anchovy.durge.org/
    BBC News covers it with the headline "Microsoft reboots".

    Well, I laughed.

    [ Reply to this ]

    won't solve anti-trust problems (Score:1)
    by Jeremy Erwin on Monday February 08, @05:32PM
    (User Info)
    The divisions were rather confusing, but it seems to me that the reorg won't solve most of the ant-trust problem. One still has vertical integration within divisons of operating system + applications.

    The only advantages from a anti-trust standpoint might be a public release of hidden Win32 system calls-- which Microsoft has been accused of withholding in order to make their speadsheets and other crap faster than the competion.

    But the consumer and enterprise divisions are likely to continue bundling practices. And the "Knowledge Worker" sobriquet seems to imply that the reorganization is at most cosmetic.

    What most people want is a wall of separation between applications and operating systems. That's unlikely to happen. The Baby Bills concept relies on the independence of these companies-- either by cloning microsoft and having the resulting clones compete, or by separating operating systems from applications.

    I guess people's preference for one solution over the other depends on what Microsoft offends them most-- the collosal MS or the insidious MS.
    [ Reply to this ]
    knowledge and work (Score:1)
    by Stu Charlton (scharlton@uwaterloo.ca) on Monday February 08, @05:34PM
    (User Info) http://
    Knowledge workers are becoming more of an "in" thing now, but It's more than a buzz-word.... the term was coined over 30 years ago by Peter Drucker, who's probably the best author on social and management issues in the last 60 years...

    That microsoft is actually creating a knowledge worker "division" is kind of interesting.. has any other company sought to do that? Not that it's going to guarantee success, but "workers applying their specialized knowledge to the company's product(s)" is an increasingly common activity among the upper-middle class employee (i.e. the marketer, or software architect, or device driver programmer, etc.) This being in contrast to the "Follow a procedure" employees of past.

    Before you chide this re-org as MS nonsense, take a look at the larger perspective: MS has so far used a few stratagies very successfully, and is trying another one with this re-org. Almost all of these strategies is rooted in Drucker's work over the last 60 years.

    Don't let Microsoft's horrible ethical practices cloud your vision of what *matters*: that most of the strategies that have brought MS to a dominant position were NOT a result of bad ethics or poor integrity - they are based on fundamental business concepts that are actually very ethical.

    Only recently , while MS has been slowly beaten at their own game, have they had to resort to consistent lying and cheating. [And though I'm sure they've done it in their earlier years too - I still believe that this isn't what has caused them to be successful]

    Read Drucker's "Innovation and Enterpreneurship", and I think you'll be surprised that Microsoft has essentially been following some pretty standard textbook (and actually rather ethical) strategies that work time & time again, much to the pain of those who ignore or dismiss them.

    Microsoft has huge problems with ethics & integrity .... but a lot of what they do is actually very logical.

    [ Reply to this ]
    4 divisions, no waiting (Score:1)
    by unitron (unitron@familycom.com) on Monday February 08, @05:38PM
    (User Info) http://
    No idea what I meant by subject, it just seemed like the thing to say.
    Sounds like Knowledge Workers, MS style, are people saddled with MS Office. They'll probably integrate Works into the "home" OS, and Office into the "business" OS.
    Once they have the four divisions set up, then, when the dissolution order comes down, the insiders can swap their MS common stock for the division or divisions actually worth owning and all the other stockholders can get stuck with the dregs. (You don't expect the ultra-rich to suffer along with the merely wealthy, do you?)
    "I wish I could change my sig file without the change being retroactive" unitron
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    Should be OS, Applications, and Networking
    by Anonymous Coward on Monday February 08, @05:52PM
    Why does MS see it's self as selling a retail product like WalMart? They are a technology company and thats what they sell.

    They should devide into OS, Applications, and Networking devisions. Maybe then the could produce good working versions of each :)
    [ Reply to this ]

    BIll will win no matter what
    by Anonymous Coward on Monday February 08, @05:53PM
    Bill owns way over half its stock and if ms is divided into 3 divisions (for expamle) he would own over 1/6th of each company. THe employees of each division would own stock into each other. The government can not force BIll and his employees to sell its current stock. They can only prevent Bill from buying new stock. After all, its Bills innvestment and Bill money. Either way BIll wins. If someone owns 10% of a company, that person is considered an excutive and usually also sits at the borad of directors. Such people have the power fire people and even dictatate what the company is doing. THis is only 10%. BIll already sits at the exucitve seats at a cable company because he owns 10% of it.BIll will tell the newly formed companies to stay in the campus and work together in the same buildings just like now. THey will continue like nothing ever happended and all the employees of the newly split companies will make money off each other because of stock options. Since they allready own the stock now, the government can't do anything about it, other then prevent them from buying mroe after the trial. Were screwed. If anyone here is a lawyuer please correct me. I hope what I was told isn't true.
    [ Reply to this ]

    This is not true reorganization (Score:1)
    by jearbear (jearbear@brown.edu) on Monday February 08, @05:59PM
    (User Info) http://members.xoom.com/jearbear/
    This only allows for M$ to integrate all of its products under each heading. The re-organization is along customer lines, not product. If this was acceptable re-organization, then they could bypass any and every concept of integration of products into each other(i.e. browser into OS) by claiming it was a part of the strategy of a particular customer service branch. And if such an integration is made, since their products stretch between customer service brackets, their products become even more monolithic. This is not a reorganization. This is a strategy to embrace and extend their empire even further while putting on an acceptable face.

    [ Reply to this ]
    They said that last year (Score:1)
    by heroine (broadcast@earthling.net) on Monday February 08, @06:04PM
    (User Info) http://heroine.tampa.fl.us
    They've been about to reorganize into 4 divisions every year for last 3 years.
    [ Reply to this ]
    MS "see, I told you we had compition"
    by Anonymous Coward on Monday February 08, @06:14PM
    "Boy, These linux and be os's took such a hard hit on us from the consumer market to the enterprise market, its soo bad that we had to divide our company into seperate divisions. By its sooo compititive out their. I hope you can understand your honor." :-)

    [ Reply to this ]
    Knowledge Worker
    by Anonymous Coward on Monday February 08, @06:14PM
    I seem to recall a weekend edition of Dilbert in which his mom and Dogbert rag on him for being a knowledge worker, someone should post a link to a JPG of it - It is quite possibly the ultimate in irony.
    [ Reply to this ]
    Ever read 1984? (Score:1)
    by kck on Monday February 08, @07:13PM
    (User Info)
    Looks like Microsofts trying to control the world with each of it's "Ministries"
    [ Reply to this ]
    No Subject Given (Score:1)
    by C.Lee on Monday February 08, @07:20PM
    (User Info)

    And a lemon by any other name is still a lemon....
    [ Reply to this ]
    New uppermost management layer? (Score:1)
    by craw on Monday February 08, @08:39PM
    (User Info)
    At face value, the new organizational structure makes no sense to me. Setting up along vertical customer markets essentially means the duplication of efforts at the basic levels; applications, OS, services. This is obviously inefficient and leads to major turf battles. Hence, this is a ruse related to the DoJ case (and possible breakup of MS) or simply a restructuring of only the upper management. Underneath this uppermost structure is the one that does the actual work (and exists today); apps, OS, and services. In this scenario, the heads of OS, apps, and services reports to all four new division heads.

    If this is the case, then the restructuring is simply the creation of an elite group of four fiefdoms. If the reorganization extends entirely vertical, then, then, duh, I don't know. Like I said at the beginning, it makes no sense to me.

    I appologize if I screwed up MS's current organizational structure; hopefully, you still get my point.

    [ Reply to this ]
    They want...
    by Anonymous Coward on Monday February 08, @08:42PM
    1) To get consumers (us) to like them,(Yeah, right...) so running windows gets cool (again?).
    2) To get developers (us) to like them, so they
    don't loose mindshare.
    3) Brad Silverberg (win95 hero and DR.DOS
    crusher among others) back to save windows.
    4)Show share-holders that they are "adapting".
    5)Have an excuse to fire a few (related to #3)
    [ Reply to this ]
    Open up the Windows source code!
    by Anonymous Coward on Monday February 08, @09:43PM
    It's obvious the timing of this announcement comes just days after it becomes near-certain that MS is going to lose (based on that videotape fiasco).

    I guess they're trying to influence the decision toward a breakup, of which they could still be organized behind the scenes.

    Don't fall for it! MS will still have a monopoly desktop OS which they will try to leverage over and over again. The best way to stop this is to open up their source code so we can all see what's going on.

    The judge needs to remedy the situation by opening up the Windows source code!
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    Swedish Chef Solution (Bork! Bork! Bork!)
    by Anonymous Coward on Monday February 08, @10:51PM
    I'm suprised no one has mentioned Judge Bork's
    idea of 3 or more duplicate Microsofts, each having
    all the products and code as the current one. Bill
    could own and control only one. The idea is that
    they would instantly be at each others throats
    slashing prices and trying to differentiate them-
    selves via quality, features, RELIABILITY, etc. The
    idea of instant cut-throat competition probably
    scares Bill a lot more than segmentation...
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    Response to linux competition (Score:1)
    by Honeylocust on Tuesday February 09, @05:19AM
    (User Info) http://www.honeylocust.com/positive/
    Has anyone thought that the reorganization and the plan to abandon consumer NT might be their response to Linux, or prehaps their attempt to look like they're responding to Linux to stockholders (who will be glad that Microsoft has plans to crush us ants in the dust) and to the DOJ.

    With two operating systems, they can fight Linux on two fronts. Without the need to further destabilize NT by attaching 50 MB worth of gaming features to every mail server, NT 5.0 will be a better server OS than it would have been otherwise and therefore, be more competitive with Linux. On the other hand, they'll be free to "innovate" with Win98 and accelerate the pace of introducing new hardware and other gimracks that will take more time for Linux to catch up. (I'm thinking USB, ASPI, 3-d acceleration)

    This way they get to maximize their lead for consumer OS while being able to deliver a more suitable operating system for people that actually want to get work done.

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