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Announcing new Diary Circles November 2, 2000

Hello all,

One of the things that was made clear to us by the results of our recent diarist survey, was that many of our members are starting to feel a little overwhelmed by the constantly growing size of The Open Diary. Don't get us wrong - we love every one (well, nearly) of our new diarists, and we are beyond excited to be adding a couple of hundred new diaries to the site every day.

However, many of our diarists told us in the survey that it was becoming more difficult to find other diarists who share the same interests, or write about the same things, as they do. With that in mind, we are launching a new facet of OD today, Diary Circles.

A diary circle is designed so that diarists with similar interests can gather together, and hopefully find each other easier and interact with each other. A diary circle is sort of like a Theme of the Week, but permanent. To participate in a diary circle, all you have to do is write an entry in your diary (like you normally would). Then go to the home page of that circle, and submit the entry to the circle - in the same way that you would submit a theme entry. It's very simple - and there are more instructions on the circle pages if you need help.

As a diarist, you are welcome to participate in as many circles as you like. The circles are formed by individual entries from your diary, not your diary itself. So, you could have one diary entry in the "Children & Parenting" circle, and have another one in the "Poetry" circle. Please, just remember to only submit entries that do pertain to the circle you are joining - this will work best if everybody follows the circle theme.

Once a circle starts to build, you will see a list of the participating diarists and the most recent circle entries on the circle home page. Links back to the participants diaries will also list all of the entries that a diarist has ever submitted to the circle. We will add more functionality to this system as it grows, but for now we would just like to get it started!

To see the Diary Circles, please go to the Diary Circles home page. From there, you can jump into any of the twenty circles that are already in existence. Which brings us to the next thing - we would love to add more diary circles. If you have a suggestion for a diary circle that you think would be of interest to a group of diarists, please e-mail us. We'd love to hear your idea.

Happy reading and writing,

The OD Staff

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