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CELLDWELLER LOG 11.00 Music/Re-mixes/

The first couple of Celldweller songs from the new recording are now finished. "Stay With Me (Unlikely)" is now available for you to hear at . Klayton is continuing to finish the album throughout the rest of the year.  He is planning on uploading several of the tracks to prior to the release of the CD.  We are anticipating a February 2001 release date.

As we discussed in the last Cellmates Transmission we will be making some tracks available from the new recording for fellow producers, artists, DJ's, programmers and re-mixers to do their own re-mixes.  The raw tracks will be available for download and the re-mixers can create whatever style re-mix they see fit.  We will make approved re-mixes available on our site with re-mix credit and a link to the re-mixers site. Interested parties should email .  If you have existing MP3's online please include a link. 

We appreciate all of the response we have received about the upcoming re-mix project.  We are going to be uploading the raw tracks from the new recording of "Symbiont" in the next couple of weeks.  We will be emailing everyone who responded with the special URL address.  The tracks will be available to download in MP3 format.  There will also be specific details and instructions on our submission and copyright policy.
"Stay With Me (Unlikely)" has been uploaded today for you to hear at . It is usually available within 24 hours of uploading.  We want your feedback.  Be sure to email us from with your comments on the new song.

We appreciate everyone who has been supporting Celldweller at  We have had a lot of chart success.  The charts are based on daily listens of each song. We would appreciate it if you would continue to go to everyday and listen to all of the Celldweller songs.  You don't even have to listen to the whole song each day.  Simply click on the listen option and let the song start.  We should be able to have a high debut for "Stay With Me (Unlikely)" if everyone receiving this email listens to the song.

We are also going to be uploading the new Celldweller material to  The artist who receives the most votes each month gets the opportunity to perform live on the television show.  They allow one vote each day.  We will appreciate all of the Cellmates voting for Celldweller. We will let you know when Celldweller is on the site. has a new service that you can use to help promote Celldweller. Favemail allows you to attach a banner at the end of your emails with a link to stream music.  You can sign up at to include Celldweller music in your emails.

There is a host of new artwork that we are preparing for the upcoming website revision and CD artwork, including four new desktops created by Fallen Angel Studios ( The Desktops will be available for free download at the official Celldweller website in the next few weeks.

We invited 16 Street Team members recently to come into the studio with Klayton in Detroit.  Everyone got the opportunity to hear "Stay With Me (Unlikely)" first and hang with Klayton for awhile.  It was a good time for us to get a chance to meet several Street Teamers and to discuss promotion ideas for the new album.  Photos from the studio cession will be available on the Celldweller site soon.

The 16 Street Teamers had never met each other prior to the studio visit. Discussions among them started soon after the studio cession about their hosting a listening party in Chicago.  We thought it was a good idea and are considering expanding the idea into a Celldweller listening party/marketing meeting for the Celldweller Street Team.  We are considering hosting events in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles.  However, we want to first get some feed back from the Street Team and find out how many people will be interested in attending and at which location.

The listening party/marketing meeting, in addition to playing the new album, will feature an appearance by Klayton.  Also, Celldweller manager Tyler Bacon will lead a discussion about Street Teamers' roles in marketing the new album in their local areas.  Please email us at and let us know if you are interested in attending and at which location.

The Celldweller Street Team continues to grow.  We appreciate all of the cellmates who have joined. We are continuing to look for street team members to help promote the upcoming Celldweller release. If you are interested in being on the Celldweller Street Team please register at

In addition to promoting Celldweller, Street Team members will be able to be local distributors of the new Celldweller CD. Street Team members will be able to buy the new Celldweller CD at wholesale prices and re-sell them in their local areas.  Street Team members can also simply use the opportunity to get a "group purchase discount."  Email if you are interested in becoming a local distributor.  We will have the specific information available on the Celldweller website as we start taking orders and will send the specific information to everyone who has responded to

-End Transmission

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Become a Cellmate - Join The Mailing ListThe Official Site of Klayton's former project, Circle of Dust

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