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 Sat. December 9, 2000

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   John Garrison Profile
  Name: John Garrison
Position: Defensive tackle
Height: 6' 6"   Weight: 240
High School: Blue Springs
Hometown: Blue Springs, MO
Ranking: #24 DT  Rating:
School Preferences
School Interest Level Visit Date
NebraskaSolid Commitment12/11/1998
West VirginiaNo Current Interest--
Kansas StateNo Current Interest12/18/1998
MissouriNo Current Interest12/04/1998
TennesseeNo Current Interest--
Notre DameNo Current Interest--
Latest Info
Date: 12/21/1998 11:18:00 PSTMore Commentary Below
Commentary by: of Rivals100
Despite a "great" trip to Kansas State this weekend, lineman John Garrison says he commited to Nebraska when he got home. "I really liked Coach McBride and the way he relates to the players", Garrison said, "and I also like the way they play their defensive ends." Garrison has cancelled all remaining visits. He chose the Huskers over K-State, Missouri and Notre Dame.

40 Yard Dash: 4.9Force: 49
Date: 12/15/1998 14:42:00 PST
Commentary by: of Rivals100
"I was hoping I would have a decision when I got back from Nebraska," said Blue Springs, Mo., defensive lineman John Garrison. "But it kind of made things worse. Both Missouri and Nebraska have plusses. Missouri's really changed its program, and I guess that I need some time to think about it." Kansas State, who was equal with Nebraska before the visit to Missouri two weeks ago, could make things even more difficult because he visits Manhattan this weekend. "I don't know what's going to happen," Garrison said.

Date: 12/08/1998 11:08:00 PST
Commentary by: of Rivals100
"My visit to Missouri was great," said Blue Springs, Mo., defensive lineman John Garrison said. "I liked it a lot more than I thought I would. This next visit to Nebraska will tell me a lot about how good the Missouri visit was." Garrison has been leaning to Nebraska over K-State and Missouri all along, but he said he is now not so sure. "I really don't know what to tell you," Garrison said. "I'm just going to have to visit Nebraska and K-State (Dec. 18) and then see where I stand." Garrison did add an official visit to Notre Dame for Jan. 15 but the Fighting Irish have not offered a scholarship.

Date: 11/16/1998 09:52:00 PST
Commentary by: of Rivals100
"If I had to make my decision today, it would be either K-State or Nebraska," said Blue Springs, Mo., defensive lineman John Garrison. The 6-6, 250-pound defensive tackle was at the K-State-Nebraska game this weekend, and even though the Wildcats won the game, Garrison said it won't play much of a factor in my decision. "It didn't know who to cheer for because both teams are so equal now," Garrison said. "It was kind of tough. I found myself cheering for Kenny Cheatham when he made that one-handed catch, and then I couldn't help it when Michael Bishop busted loose on that long run." Garrison will start his official visits with Missouri on Dec. 4, followed by Nebraska on Dec. 11. K-State will get a Dec. 18, and Notre Dame and West Virginia might get visits. "The Notre Dame coach siad they might pencil me in sometime in January," Garrison said. "But I know that K-State and Nebraska are at the top without a doubt."

Date: 10/27/1998 11:39:00 PST
Commentary by: of Rivals100
Defensive lineman John Garrison (Blue Springs, Mo.) says Nebraska remains his leader, but he has scheduled a visit to Mizzou for Dec. 4. The Huskers, K-State and Missouri have offered. Those three along with Tennessee and Notre Dame are in Garrison's current top five.

Date: 10/13/1998 16:30:00 PST
Commentary by: of
John Garrison, the quick 6-5, 256 pounds DL from Blue Springs MO, has already been to NEBRASKA and KANSAS STATE games and plans on attending his first MISSOURI game and a second game at NEBRASKA and KANSAS STATE.

He will set his official visits after his season is over. His leaders right now are NEBRASKA, KANSAS STATE, TENNESSEE, WEST VIRGINIA, NOTRE DAME and possibly MISSOURI.


He should be fine academically with a 2.9 core and a 19 ACT.

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