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Michael Jackson Divorce Timeline

Jackson in Sydney Rowe and Jackson Rowe and Jackson The King of Pop Debbie Rowe

I assume that the King of Pop, Michael Jackson and Debbie Rowe will divorce eventually, although the more I hear about the couple, the more I actually believe they are truly in love and in it for the long haul. In preparation for (what I thought was) the inevitable (but now just possible/probable,) I have prepared the following Divorce Timeline for all those interested. If anybody has any information in this vein, please let me know.

Michael Jackson is hounded by accusations of child molestation. Jackson is never charged criminally, but does settle a civil lawsuit with a 13 year old boy and his family for at least $15 million.

November 14, 1996
Michael Jackson, (38) marries Debbie Rowe (37), who is carrying Jackson's baby in Australia (yes, she's carrying his baby everywhere else she goes as well.) She is a longtime friend and nurse to his plastic surgeon. The baby is due in February, 1997. He denied tabloid reports that Rowe had been artificially inseminated and was paid $528,000 to carry the baby. Jackson met Rowe while she was working for dermatologist Arnold Klein who reportedly treats Jackson for vitiligo, the medical condition that causes his discoloration through loss of pigment.

November 19, 1996
Debbie Rowe signs a pre-nuptual agreement.

November 1996
The New York Post publishes photos of a topless Debbie Rowe (with breasts altered to obscure them) which were reportedly taken in in 1993 by a Post photographer assigned to take photos of her boss, dematologist Arnold Klein for a magazine profile. According to the newspaper, Citing an anonymous source (I assume it would have to be the photographer) Rowe joked with the photographer that it would be funny to have a topless picture taken of her in Klein's examining chair, and then unbuttoned her dress.

November 27, 1996
News reports speculate that the Jackson-Rowe marriage is falling apart after only 13 days. Rowe responds : "I said 'I do', but I don't anymore."
Jackson responds : "It doesn't matter - it's already lasted longer than I expected."

December 7, 1996
It's been reported that Michael Jackson's new wife is back at work at her $700/wk dental hygenist job in Beverly Hills, and she has consulted with a lawyer. Wow, when I started this divorce watch at the time of the marriage, I though it would take weeks before we got to this point.

February 13, 1997
Debbie Rowe gives birth to Michael Jackson's child, a son, they name "Prince Michael Jackson Jr.."

October 1997
The National Enquirer reports that Debbie Rowe fumed at Michael over Michael and his ex-wife Lisa Marie Presley made appearences in South Africa holding hands. "You've humiliated me for the last time...I'm through with you. I'll make sure you'll never see our baby again!" Michael reportedley spent much time afterwards trying to calm Rowe down.

November 25, 1997
Jackson and Rowe announce that they are expecting a second child, a girl, due in February. (I realize the child will be born in April...I am investigating this discrepancy.)

April 3, 1998
Debbie Rowe gives birth to Michael Jackson's second child, a daughter, Paris Michael Katherine Jackson at 6:30 in the morning. Debbie wanted to name her Michael as her first name, but according to Rowe, her husband said "No." They decided to name the child Paris because that's where she was conceived. New York Post Story.

December 1998
Michael Jackson and Debbie Rowe attend an intimate dinner for her boss, dermatologist Arnie Klein. The hosts for the party which as a "thank you" to Klein from the American Federation for AIDS Research was hosted by Jane and Michael Eisner. Jackson looked like a late 1960s Jackie Onassis said one observer, while Debbie looked "almost stunning." The couple looked cozy, just like any other husband and wife out to dinner. Photos of the couple were taken for Klein's memory book, and Michael surprised everybody by saying, "Oh, why don't you sell these and make a few dollars for AmFar?" Mercury Center Story. Pictures from the evening.

June 6, 1999
The New York Sunday Times reports that Debbie Rowe learned from a television news bulletin that her son was in the hospital. Said to be "shocked and horrified" she flew to New York to be with her two year old son, Prince who was admitted to hospital after a virus sparked a fever and a seizure accompanied by paralysis. The truth however is that the child was not near death which Michael had apparently told Debbie : "It's a horrible thing to go through. To hear that your child is dying and to find it on the news - and it not be true - is terrifying, especially when . . . his father . . . told me it was all okay."

October 8, 1999
Deborah Rowe Jackson files for divorce citing "irreconcilable differences." Rowe states that the couple has been separated since July 15. The petition indicates that both parties have reached a confidential agreement regarding property and debts. There is no word of a custody agreement. Michael Jackson released a statement "Michael and Debbie remain friends, and they ask that the public respect their desire not to further comment or speculate upon the reasons for their decision."

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