CS 490 - WebOOGL module for IBM's Data Explorer


This is an independent research project based upon Data Explorer (hereafter abbreviated DX).

WebOOGL began as a contender for VRML (Virtual Reality Modelling Language). VRML is a proposed standard for 3D data on the Web. However, SGI's Open Inventor file format was recently chosen as the VRML standard for the web. There will be filters created for converting WebOOGL to VRML 1.0 and back. They will be designed by the people at the University of Minnesota's Geometry Center.

The goal of our project is to allow users of IBM's Data Explorer (DX), the ability to post their images on the web using WebOOGL. From there, anyone can manipulate the objects in 3D space (e.g. rotation, translation, zooming) using an application called Geomview, which is a public domain 3D viewer for SGI, X, and NextStep systems. This project is under the supervision of Professor Bruce Land for CS 490.

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Here's a quick sample!

Image from DXImage from Geomview


We would like to thank Prof. Bruce Land for being our supervisor for CS 490 and for also helping us find a project to do in Computer Graphics. Also, thanks go to the University of Minnesota's Geometry Center for their web site and for all of their applications that we use for this project. Last but not least, thanks to Lucasfilm for giving us a great game to play when we were stuck in a rut doing the project (Can you say Dark Forces?) Oh yeah, there's also Doom II, Descent, and Netrek to thank. No really, thanks to everyone who helped us stay up during those wee hours in the morning in the HP lab (like Rogan's Pizza, and Wendy's).