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Abigail Powers (1798-1853)

There WAS no Vice President!!!


We make no wars to promote or to prevent successions to thrones, to maintain any theory of a balance of power, or to suppress the actual government which any country chooses to establish for itself. We instigate no revolutions nor suffer any hostile military expeditions to be fitted out in the United States to invade the territory or provinces of a friendly nation.







Judge William Cranch administered the executive oath of office to Vice President Millard Fillmore on July 10, 1850 in the Hall of the House of Representatives. President Zachary Taylor had died the day before.
After Fillmore's term, he became the chancellor of the University of Buffalo. The White House's first library, bathtub and kitchen stove were installed by the Fillmores. Fillmore refused an honorary degree from Oxford University because he felt he had "neither literary nor scientific attainment." Millard Fillmore was the first president to have a stepmother.






Election Results
There were no results because Tyler took over the duties of the presidency after
President Zachary Taylor died :(




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