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Taking the T out of Ethernet

author: Deelkar
posted: 4/19/00

The other day I went to a friend of mine to establish a little LAN.

Since we both had our network adapters installed already, it should've been no big deal to connect our computers and get going. But to our surprise, we were missing one T-piece.

So what to do on a Sunday afternoon? Soldering wasn't an option because at 10 MHz, incorrect spacing between shield and wire just isn't an option (one would think). So what to do?

He appeared to have some BNC connectors lying around, so we did a trial solution with crocodile clamps and some wires we had lying around. Before I try to start to explain how it all was set up, have a look at this picture:

The only thing I can say is after some experimenting on how to lay the wires, it finally worked! The LAN was up and running and we had a good time.

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