The intentions behind our recent 'Name the Team' contest was simple. We wanted your input, your comments, your concerns and your unique angle on what American Hockey League action would mean to the Greater Bridgeport community. We got just that.

A consistent message was evident. You were thrilled that the team and the arena were definitely coming to our community. You were adamant in your opinion that the team name should include 'Bridgeport'. The resurgence of the 'New Bridgeport' and the resulting return of community pride were evident in hundreds of contest responses.

Most everyone who submitted entries wanted a name unique to the regions geography and/or history. Many liked either the 'shore' reference or the 'beach' reference in two of the listed options. Others had names that referenced 'harbor', a context that is set to become an integral part of the new arena's name. However, overwhelmingly, most felt strongly that the coastal reference should not ignore the region'' history specifically with the Long Island Sound. References were made to the impact of the Sound on the regions economic history and the recreational activities of its residents. Many alluded to the impending relationship with our neighbor on the Sound, the New York Islanders. Still others commented on how unique it was to have a beautiful new arena built directly along the coast. Hence "Sound' was an obvious choice to be included in the team name.

Bridgeport's long and storied relationship with the circus was referenced in hundreds and hundreds of contest entries. So much so, that the team chose to unveil its team name, colors, and logo at the historic Barnum Museum in downtown Bridgeport. 'Tigers' were, by far the most-referred-to animal, in large part due to your fascination with this circus favorite.

The informal focus groups involved in the process shared the desire of the throngs of contest respondents who asked for a unique name that could result in a logo that could become a symbol of the 'take charge attitude of the new Bridgeport.' Hence, the name 'Bridgeport Sound Tigers' became a reality accompanied by a 'definition' that explains the moniker to those not yet 'in the know.' The Tiger's colors also symbolize the 'proud to be different' feelings that accompany the city's resurgence. Not just anybody's tiger, the Bridgeport Sound Tigers are ready to take to the ice in a manner that's uniquely theirs… exciting, competitive, ready to make a difference and proud of it.