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  Non-technical information about the C++ language, from a basic description, a summary of its history to the latest news concerning this language. Description of C++, FAQ, C++ Compilers, and more...

  Technical documents covering the different facets of the C++ language, from getting started tutorials to specific documents about hardware, operating systems, internet, etc. The Cplusplus Language Tutorial, a book selection, and more...

  A project to build a complete reference for all purposes of the C++ language and its libraries. Language reference, Standard libraries, and more...

  Source Code
  Source code files and examples for different platforms: ANSI-C++, Win32, Visual C++, and more...

  Electronic forums
  cplusplus.com is an open resource for visitors. Here you will find different web discussion groups where ask what you always wanted to know, share experiences and discoveries and help other programmers. More...

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