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Copyright Questions

Copyright Questions - and a few ramblings.

I was just reading an article posting over at Technocrat.Net and decided to finally get around to starting in on writing this. I have been meaning to start for ages now.

The article that prompted it was an editorial by Bruce on Music Bootlegging with Napster hurting Free Software.

This is not relevant to the rest of this piece, but why is there so little notice or discussion of the fact that there is almost no Free Music but there is a lot of Free Software. Where is the GPLed music distributed in source form? Is it that we don't have the tools to support a Free Music movement?

OK, here are the questions. If it would be better to think patent or some other mechanism (other than trade secret) in place of copyright, so be it. For each question, if you choose to send in the answers for inclusion, state whether you think it is moral/ethical, and whether you think it is legal or illegal in your country and whether it is legal or illegal in any other country. I am hoping to get a script online that can take responses. If you feel like knocking one up before I get to it, great. (I would prefer php, but any standard free solution will do.)

I hope this helps to get someone thinking. Please feel free to help me make this clearer or suggest new questions if you can. Also, feel free to treat this as if it had been GPLed for now. Still looking for the best GPL like license for non-programs.
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