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The Case of Rubi-Ka

From the archives of TrueSpace Network, TSN


- By Peter S. Homer of TSN 29442

To explain how the politics of the ICC have been employed to balance a very delicate situation, let us examine Rubi-Ka.

The planet Rubi-Ka is a galactic power center. The reason being that the planet is the sole source of Notum, the vital element in the Nano-Bot production, in the the entire Galaxy.

When Omni-Tek® secured itself the lease-ownership of the planet, it was before the other corporations knew anything about the Golden Red Dust of the so far unattractive planet. When ICC realised the enormous hold Omni-Tek® would get on the Intergalactic (IG) market they started to sanction the Hypercorporation.

Even with the internal strength of a Hypercorporation such as Omni-Tek® , they are still dependent upon access to the markets of the planets owned by all the other companies. Under such pressures the unwilling Omni-Tek® yielded to ICC, granting restrictions on what they could and could not do.

These were set down in a 6730 page contract, but can basically be summed up in the following points: (This was in the year 3563)

  • Omni-Tek® gets an free extention of the lease of Rubi-Ka for 30000 years.

  • Omni-Tek® gets sole ownership and export-rights for Notum.

  • Omni-Tek® will adhere to the prices for Notum set by the ICC.

  • Omni-Tek® will not persecute inhabitants of Rubi-Ka, who normally would be a free people after 5000 years. (The normal span of the ICC Solar System lease rights.) (This has led to the interesting rise of something called "The Clans".

  • Omni-Tek® will let other companies freely settle on the planet surface to conduct research.

  • Omni-Tek® will let all Nano-Tek® patents be freely available for reproduction with the standard profit margin allotted to the company.

All this has made Rubi-Ka one of the more interesting places in the Galaxy....




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