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At Sydney International Aquatic Centre (SIAC) 



September 23, 2000


Australia beat the United States 4-3 to conquer the first Olympic title in women water polo in front of a record crowd of 17,000. With an identical score Russia defeated the Netherlands to win the bronze medal.


1st-2nd MATCH 20

Start Time 21.15  


The AUS before the Match

Australia vs United States 4-3  

(1-1, 0-1, 1-0, 2-1)  

The first women water polo Olympic final could not have been more exciting. A very well used tiny fraction of time, a mere one second, allowed Australia to win over a strong United States team. With zero seconds left Aussie player # 2, Yvette Higgins, shot from 7-metres directly into the goal, following the exclusion of USA player Juile Swail (with just one second missing to the final buzzer). Higgins’ sudden shoot took by surprise the USA defense and she incredibly scored the gold medal goal for Australia. The crowd of 17,000 and Australia’s Prime Minister John Howard celebrated this win together with their magnificent players. Higgins ran to hug Australia’s coach George Gorgeny pulling him into the water to share the party.

The United States’ coach, Guy Baker, was less happy about this stunning outcome: he, as everybody, was actually looking forward to the overtime.


In the first quarter both teams scored an extraman goal respectively with Brenda Villa (USA) and Melissa Mill (AUS). The only goal for the second quarter was scored by Ericka Lorenz (USA) in a player advantage to put the United States up 2-1. The Australians were unable to penetrate the US defence and missed three player advantage chances.


Australia levelled the score 2-2 early in the third quarter, with player adavantage a goal by Bronwyn Mayer. Several attempts from both teams to score were unsuccessful, leaving the teams locked at 2-2 with one quarter left.


AUS Joy after the winning goal

The final period was tight. Naomi Castle (AUS) scored at 1:50 with a player advantage. Brenda Villa (USA) scored her second goal with 13 seconds left. Then the seven metre shot from Higgins hit the net with no time remaining on the clock.



3rd-4th MATCH 19

Start Time 20.00


Russia vs Netherlands 4-3

(0-2, 1-0, 1-1, 2-0)

Strong defenses and missed shooting opportunities from both sides did not allow for a high score in this match. The third  period ended with the Dutch ahead of one goal, 3-2, their lead being credited to Karin Kuipers who scored two remarkable goals while Ingrid Leijendekker scored one. At the early stage of the last quarter the Russians missed a couple of easy opportunities, so did the Dutch. It looked as if extra times would be required. Instead, with 2:19 minutes remaining Sofia Konough (RUS)--possibly the best player in this game--counterattacked and  received a nice long pass from Irina Tolkounova (RUS), and easily scored her second goal, tieing the game. With 1:21 minutes missing Ioulia Petrova (RUS) with a long range bullet (this was her only shot of the day) scored a beautiful goal, the winning one, worth the bronze medal. 

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At Ryde Leisure Centre

September 22, 2000

SEMI FINAL 1 - MATCH 16   Start Time 13.00


Australia vs Russia 7-6 (2-3, 1-1, 1-2, 3-0)


In the first semi final Australia reached the final after defeating Russia. With only one minute to go the score was 6-6.


The Russians were in the lead for most of the game. At the end of the third quarter the score was 6-4 in favour of the Russians. It looked like as if they could make it to the final for the gold medal. Instead Australia come up to win scoring the only three goals of the last period: three great goals, with Debbie Watson, Naomi Castle (an outside shot from 9 metres) and skipper Bridgette Gusterson, with only 43 seconds remaining. This was Gusterson third goal in the match. Full time score 7-6 for Australia.

The Australian team and the home crwod celebrated while the Russian players left the pool in tears.


SEMI FINAL 2 - MATCH 18   Start Time 19.15


United States vs Netherlands  6-5 (3-2, 1-3, 1-0, 1-0)


The United States plays Australia for the gold medal after narrowly defeating the Netherlands 6-5.


The Netherlands plays Russia for the bronze medal.

The game developped similarly to the previous semi final, with both team fighting strenuosly to get into the lead. However forces looked even, and at the end of the third quarter the two teams were on equalization, 5-5. Heather Moody (USA) scored the winning goal at 6:09. The Netherlands regained possession but, with 30 seconds remaining, the US goalie Bernice orwig made a spectacular save and score remained 6-5 for the USA as the final buzzer sounded.



5th-6th MATCH 17   Start Time 18.00


Canada vs Kazakhstan  9-8 (1-1, 3-3, 2-3, 2-1, 1-0, 0-0)


This was also a very tight match and extra times were needed to decide who would earn the 5th place.  Jana Salat, of Canada, scored the game-winning goal in the first extra time, while Yuliya Pyresseva (KAZ) and Johanne Begin (CAN) top-scored for the match with three goals each.

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At Ryde Leisure Centre

Day 6 - September 21st 2000 - Rest Day.


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At Ryde Leisure Centre

September 20, 2000

Game 11, 13:00 pm

Australia vs Canada

Already assured of semi-final berth Australia completed its preliminary matches with a win over Canada.

Simon Hankin (AUS) score three goals and was a factor in her team's win. She scored her first goal after only 34 seconds of play in the first quarter.

The two teams went goal for goal at the beginning of the second quarter and the score at half-time was 5-2 for the Australians.

Hankin scored her third goal in the third quarter. Ahead 7-3 Australia scored two more times in the last quarter and Valerie Dionne (CAN) scored a late consolation goal.

Final Score: Australia 9, Canada 4


Game 12, 18:00 pm

Russia vs Netherland

Sofia Konough (RUS) scored three goals to defeat the Netherland. But the Dutch team was in the lead for the first hald 3-2. It was in the third quarter that Russia took an insurmountable lead with three goals, adding one more in the final quarter. Netherlands went scoreless in the second half.

Final score: Russia 6, Netherland 3\


Game 13, 19:15 pm

United States vs Kazakhstan

It only took 30 second into the game for Americans to score. At half-time the USA had a lead of 5-2.

Kazakhstan scored twice in the third quarter, but the American added three. Top score in the game was Brenda Villa with 4.

Final score: United States 9, Kazakhstan 6

This concludes the preliminary round. The top four teams are: Australia, United States, Netherland and Russia. Semi-finbals will be held on Friday (Sep 22)




At Ryde Leisure Centre

September 19, 2000

Game 8, 13:00 pm

Australia vs United States

Australia fought a touch match beating the United States in the final three minutes of play Melissa Mills and Bronwyn Mayer (AUS) scored first giving them a 2-0 lead, with the USA evening the score at the end of the first quarter. The second quarter was mostly defensive by both teams with Ericka Lorens (USA) scoring once to the Americans a 3-2 advantage.

At the end of the third quarter the score was 6-5 for Australia. In the final quarter  Brenda Villa (USA) scored to tie the game. With less then 3 minutes left Bridgette Gusterson scored to give the Aussies a 7-6 lead. Both sides failed to capitalize on several turnovers and Australia got a hard fought win.

Final Score: Australia 7, United States 6


Game 9, 18:00 pm

Netherlands vs Canada

The Netherlands dominated the first quarter with 3-0 lead, with Canada scoring two goals in the second quarter for a 3 to 2 half-time score.

The third quarter both team scored twice but in the final period the Netherland scored twice to put the game out of reach at 7 to 4.

Top scorers were Johanne Begin (CAN) with two goals and and Karin Kupiers and Danielle de Bruijn with 2 each.

This win guarantees the Netherlands a semi final berth.

Final score: Netherland 7, Canada 4


Game 10, 19.15 pm

Russia vs Kazakstan

With the largest margin of victory in this tournament so far, Russia kept its semi-final chances alive with a 15-6 win over Kazakhstan.

The Russian were in the lead 10-2 at half-time. Kazakhstan outscored the Russians in the third quarter 3 to 2. But in the final quarter Russia's 3 to 1 advantage.

Top scorer was Natalia Koutouzova with 3.

Kazakhstan, winless in four matches is now eliminated from the medal round.

Final score: Russia 15, Kazakhstan 6


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At Ryde Leisure Centre

September 18, 2000 

Game 7, 13:00 pm

Netherlands vs Australia

The Netherland took the lead early and were leading 3 goals to 2 at half-time. In the third quarter Australia scored twice to move ahead 4 to 3.

The Netherlands scored twice in the final quarter to clinch the game 5 to 4. This gives them two wins and one loss to date. Four women scored the goals for (NED) with Danielle de Bruijn accounting for two of them. Yvette Higgins (AUS) scored three goals, the most by anyone.

Final Score: Netherland 5, Australia 4

Game 8, 18:00 pm

Russia vs United States

In the first quarter Russia scored first and then Courtney Johnson (USA) tied the game. The second quarter also ended in a ties as each side scored twice.

In the third quarter the Ameriacns scored three times to put the game away. The Russian scored two more times but settled for 7 to 5 loss.

Top scorers were Coralie Simmons with 3 and Maureen O'Toole with 2.

Final score: United States 7, Russia 5

Game 9, 19:15 pm

Canada vs Kazakhstan

The Canadian were better as they scored 3 goals in the first quarter, adding 3 more in the second to lead at half time 6 to 1.

The Kazakh made up some ground with 2 goals in the third quarter. But Canada's three goals in the final quarter put the game away.

Final Score: Canada 10, Kazakhstan 3

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At Ryde Leisure Centre

September 17, 2000

Game 4, 13:00 pm

Australia vs Russia

Australia took the lead in the first quarter with 2 goals for Russia's 1. The Aussies held on to the lead with one goal for each team, leading 3 to 2 at half-time.

In the second half Australia scored 3 more times and Russia once. Top scorers for Australia were Taryn Woods (2) and Bridgette Gusterson (2).

Final score: Australia 6, Russia 3.

Game 5, 18:00 pm

United States vs Canada

The game was close throughout the four periods. After the first it was a tie at 3 goals each. At half-time Canadd had a one goal lead 6 to 5. In the third quarter Canada scored 2 more goals putting the game out of reach 8 to 5. In the final quarter the Americans rallied and scored 2 goals and with less than a minute of play the scored again to tied at 8 goals each.

Top scorers were Robin Beauregard (USA) with 3 goals, and Coralie Simmons (USA) and Heather Moody (USA) with 2 goals each. For the Canadians Waneek Horn-Miller had 3 goals and Cora Campbell 2.

Final score: United States 8, Canada 8


Game 6, 19:15 pm

Kazakhstan vs Netherland

The game was tied for the first half at 4 goals each. The Netherlands outscored the Kazakhs 4 to 2 in the second half to give them a win.

Top scorers were Marjan Op den Velde and Heleen Peerenboom with 3 goals each for (NED) and Olga Lechsuk also with 3 (KAZ).

Final score: Netherlands 8, Kazakhstan 6

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At Ryde Leisure Centre

September 16, 2000

Game 1, 13:00 pm

Australia vs Kazakhstan

An easy win for Australia with Bridgette Gusterson with 3 goals, Yvette Higgins with 2 and 1 each for Melissa Mills, Taryn Woods, Simone Hankin, and Bronwyn Mayer.

The Kazakhs scored only 2 goals; Olga Lechshuk 1 and Natalya Galkina 1.

Final score: Australia 9, Kazakhstan 2.


Game 2, 18:00 pm

Canada vs Russia 

A very close fought battle with Russia in the lead and Canada in catch-up mode throughout. After the first quarter it was Canada 2 and Russia 3. Russia added a goal in the second quarter. The third quarter was even with both teams scoring twice and in the fourth quarter Canada out-scored the Russians 3 to 1. Top scorer was Ann Dow (CAN) with 3 goals.

Final score: Canada 7, Russia 7


Game 3, 19:15 pm

Netherland vs United States

The USA took the lead in the first quarter with 2 goals. The second quarter was even with 1 goal each. The Dutch team closed the gap in the third quarter 2 to 1 for the Americans. The USA clinched the win in the final quarter with 2 more goals.

Final score: United States 6, Netherlands 4

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