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  U'wa victory

Fidelity Investments dumps Occidental Petroleum stock

Grassroots pressure forces Fidelity Investments to dump 60% of their stock in Occidental Petroleum. As of the second quarter reports, Fidelity Investments has dumped 18 million shares of Occidental Petroleum stock, approximately 60% of their holdings worth over $412 million dollars. This divestment came on the heels of mass protest around the world - thousands of people mobilized to demonstrate at over 75 Fidelity offices, occupy Fidelity investor centres and symbolically dump blood and oil on Fidelity premises.
Read more more information from Rainforest Action Network

  Anti-Globalization Mobilization In Nice

Protests against EU Summit

On December 5/6/7 tens of thousands of people converged on the French town of Nice to show their anger about current EU policies and globalising capitalism. Read all about it in our international section and at france.indymedia.org.

 DETR office occupation

Ministers' offices occupied

On Friday 1st of December, 25 Earth First! activists occupied the offices of Environment Minister Sir Michael Meacher and Transport Minister Lord Gus McDonald. The action took place in protest at the government's plan to reinstate the road building programme - when at the same time claiming to tackle climate change at the COP6 conference in The Hague.
Read their report.

  Creative Baking

Home Office Minister Barbara Roche receives a dessert

On Saturday 18th November Home Office Minister Barbara Roche was 'pied' with two lemon meringues as she left her advice surgery in Wood Green, North London. The action highlights the increasing xenophobia and racism manifest in New Labour policies such as the introduction of the voucher system, and the detention and forcible dispersal of asylum seekers.
Also read the latest reports by the Biotic Baking Brigade.

  Climate Action in the City of London

COP6 Action in the City of London

Coinciding with the start of the COP6 conference in The Hague a small group of protesters targeted on Monday 13th November a number of selected companies in the City of London. The buildings of companies such as BP Finance, Merrill Lynch, Shandwick, Warburg Dillon Read and others were distinguished with commemorative blue plaques "for services to profit-driven destruction", similar to those fixed to the homes of famous historical individuals. As the protesters handed out leaflets headed 'Things can only get wetter!', a samba band returned the spirit of J18 into the city. Read the report

  A creative reception.

Ex-IMF head Camdessus soaked with Red Wine in Oxford

After protesting in front of the halls where the ex-IMF head Michel Camdessus was to give a talk, Oxford Global Action on 9 November managed to attend a private function with free red wine and food, where Camdessus saw his £2000 Armani suit being soaked with two glasses of red wine. The assaultress faces prosecution (criminal damage) on December 1. What Camdessus was doing wearing an Armani coat to discuss world poverty is anyone's guess.

  Hackney Fightback

Hackney strikes back against its Town Hall

Public service workers, residents and local groups brought Central Hackney to a standstill with a day of action on November 6th. People gathered and blocked the streets, protesting against the planned cutbacks of public services, caused by the mismanagement of Hackney Council that led to it's bankruptcy. The police overreacted by sending at least 40 riot vans on standby out of sight of regular officers and surveillance teams. This was aimed to control a crowd made up of social services workers, teachers, nursery staff, residents and local community groups. Hackney council had announced that social services will face 'austerity measures'. Parents took direct action and occupied a nursery. As a consequence, the council in this case had to reconsider and the nursery will reopen.

  Antiracism and the Caravan

Caravan links up refugee groups in the UK

October 29th marked the successful completion of the Civil Rights Caravan. The Caravan's 32-day tour throughout the UK linked up with asylum seekers who have been isolated as a result of the government's dispersal programme, and provided support to families who have suffered racist violence. The practical support created for asylum seekers in various cities will continue. The Caravan is already planning bi-weekly trips with attorneys and translators to assist asylum seekers in their asylum applications in Margate and will return to Coventry on November 17 to assist asylum seekers in developing a strategy for challenging racist attacks. In many places the arrival of the Caravan has triggered the creation of local refugee support groups. Consisting of migrants, refugees and asylum seekers, the Caravan was one of the rare initiatives where refugees spoke for themselves.
> > >   Launch of the Caravan ... with picture
> > >   Report from Sheffield and Newcastle
> > >   Report from Leicester
> > >   London Demonstration ... Picture 1 | Picture 2
> > >   Report from Margate, Dover, Coventry and Manchester

Meanwhile, there were actions against the Austrian far right politician Joerg Haider speaking at Oxford University and right-wing author David Ike was prevented from lecturing in Birmingham.

  Older UK News

Sussex University and Czech Embassy occupied

On Wednesday 18 October a group of around 30 people occupied the seminar rooms of the Career Development Unit at Sussex University to prevent a World Bank "Young Professionals" recruitment day from taking place. Around 60-70 people took part in a solidarity action with those remaining in jail following last month's actions against the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank in Prague.

On Monday 16 October, 4 people entered the Czech Embassy in London and occupied offices demanding to speak to the ambassador to protest human rights abuses in the Czech Republic and the continued detention of prisoners following the anti IMF/WB actions in Prague on S26. The four were arrested for trespassing on diplomatic territory and have been bailed to return.

There have been regular pickets of the Czech Embassy in London since S27 to demand the immediate release of all those arrested at the anti-IMF/WB protests in Prague.
> > >   S28  | S29  | OCT6
> > >   Meeting with Czech Vice Consul
> > >   British embassy in the CZ
> > >   Czech jail conditions

FinancialCrimes.com website closed down on demand of the Financial Times

On Friday 29th of September the provider Easyspace has taken the content of the financialcrimes.com website off the net after lawyers of the Financial Times have complained about the website's content. The website was publicly available for a week after opening on Friday the 22nd of September. Early on that Friday free copies of the Financial Crimes newspaper were given to commuters at London Bridge and the Financial Times building. The handing out of the publication was timed to coincide with the FT running a special edition about the IMF/World Bank conference in Prague. In total, between Friday and midday Tuesday 20,000 copies were distributed.
> > >   Background info on the RTS spoofs

S22: London U'wa solidarity action

As the U'wa people of Colombia are facing the final showdown in their eight year campaign to prevent Occidental petroleum from drilling in their ancestral lands, on 22nd of September activists were picketing Fidelity Investments, one of Occidental's largest shareholders, and the Columbian Embassy in London. The Colombian ambassador was forced to pick his way past banners reading 'No Blood For Oil' and 'No a la violencia (para)militar', to take leaflets and a Financial Crimes with articles on both Plan Colombia and the U'wa.

S1: - Demand Justice for Simon Jones

It's over two years since Simon Jones was killed on his first day as a casual worker at Shoreham - killed by casualisation. On September the 1st it was five months since the Crown Prosecution Service were ordered by the High Court to reconsider their decision not to prosecute anyone for Simon's death - a decision the judges described as 'irrational' and 'barmy'. Still the CPS refuse to prosecute. The 1st September would have seen Simon Jones celebrating his 27th birdthday if he hadn't been killed by the profits-before-everything economy he hated so much.
Read one of the reports of the demonstration demanding justice for Simon. For more background information browse to the Simon Jones Campaign.

A19: C.I.A. - Cambridge in August

Two days before the event four people from the Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty campaign had their offices raided and their computers, literature, merchandise and information confiscated. They were subsequently arrested, remanded in custody and charged with conspiracy to incite criminal damage, GBH and conspiracy to disrupt traffic on the A1 into Cambridge!

Reports from the events at Cambridge In August:
The actions and demonstrations were targeting Huntingdon Life Sciences, Europe's largest contract research laboratory where 500 animals are killed every day, and Oakington Detention Centre where 400 Asylum seekers are being held in prison conditions for months at a time.
Audio report from Oakington Detention Centre
Video report from Oakington Detention Centre

A13: Get your video from the Smokey Bears Picnic!

Under the Data Protection Act you are legally entitled to any copy of a video the police record of you. If you want a copy of the video which police have done of you at Smokey Bears picnic write to:
Hampshire Constanbulary Media Services, Police HQ, Romsey road, Winchester SO22 5DB, Phone 01962 841500 or 01962 871063

A3: Anti-Deportation campaign at Heathrow airport

Police Violence    Organiser Arrested
Following a direct action at Gatwick airport that prevented the deportation of Iraqi-Kurd Amanj Gafor, the Bristol Defend Asylum Seekers Campaign organised an action at the check-in desks of Lufthansa at Heathrow. Eyewitnesses reported: About 15 police vehicles of various types on the scene; Police behaved aggressive without any apparent signs of provocation; TV crews stopped from filming by airport crew; Protesters dragged away and arrested.
Audio report     Audio report 2
Appeal from the organiser    Deportation Alliance

JN4: Movement Against the Monarchy Protest

An anti-royalist mass-mooning event outside the Queen's official residence at Buckingham Palace, central London, attracted a couple of hundred people on Saturday afternoon. Despite a huge police presence, which included a few dozen specialist anti-riot patrol vehicles, and an over-reactive corporate media attendance at the event several UK republicans were willing to expose their backsides to the royal family's expansive mansion. [ more ]

Mumia Abu-Jamal protest in London

People gathered outside the US embassy this afternoon to highlight the plight of prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal - a former Black Panther imprisoned in Pennsylvania in 1985 after a much-criticised trial for the murder of a police officer. Several groups including Amnesty International have questioned the reliability of the evidence which incuded alleged falsified balistics reports and falsified eye-witness accounts alongside alleged links between jury members and the prosecuting authorities. Black people on the jury were questionably under-represented considering the ethnic make up of the state of Pennsylvania. On todays event Jeremy Corbyn MP spoke to a crowd now numbering about 200. "What do we want - free Mumia; when do we want it - now".
[ reports: 1 | 2 ]

  Mayday 2000 Coverage

M1: Coverage from IMC UK's Mayday site

Don't believe the hype - bypass the corporate media machine - take control - make up your own mind. On Mayday itself people attending the events had the opportunity to contribute to this site - when you chose to stay at home, and not take part, then don't just passively consume the media spectacle, check out the IMC - UK Mayday site and get the truth how the events unfolded.

A Selection of other IMC MayDay Sites on the Global Day Of Protest:
The Global Day of Action, Resistance and Carnival Against Capitalism was marked by major protests in many cities around the world. Check out a few sites reporting MayDay protests:
Poland | Bilbao | Cuba | UK (provided by IMC US)


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