Team Strategies in Stars!

June 4, 2000
Our first exclusive article in what we hope will be a string of many. From now on you can expect to see here unique articles written exclusively for Epsilon Pegasi. We start of with an article by Alex Bobrek about successful team play in Stars!  more >>

A Guide to Becoming an Evil Overlord

Apr 18, 2000
A hilarious little article we dug up somewhere that every Stars! player should read.  more >>

Reducing Micromanagement

Apr 13, 2000
Another interesting tidbit off the Crisium site for all you Supernova buffs. After reading this article, I really can't wait for the game to come out.  more >>

What is Chaff? (And how to live with it)

Apr 11, 2000
After noticing in our last month's poll that a significant percentage of Stars! players do not know what the chaff tactic is, we're posting this great article by Art Lathrop that covers the ins and outs of chaff.  more >>

May 28, 2000
Crisium announced two new Primary Race Traits (Necromancer and Futurist) has been added to Supernova. Check it out

May 28, 2000
Ahoy! Crisium posted a Q & A regarding pirates in Supernova. Check it out

Apr 12, 2000
The Stars Directory is again sponsoring The Director's Cup 2 (War of the Websites). This is a Stars! tournament where every player represents a website. EP will definitely be represented. Check it out

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