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Oxygen GVX1 wins Cadalyst Labs best High-End board 1999

Oxygen ACX

The ultimate AutoCAD Solution

The 3Dlabs® Oxygen® ACX is the ultimate graphics acceleration solution for AutoCAD users. Featuring a dedicated graphics processor and 8 MB of high-speed SGRAM, the Oxygen ACX delivers high-precision 2D and 3D graphics acceleration on a single-slot AGP or PCI card. In addition, Soft Engine 4 from Vibrant Graphics - a $300 value - is included free. The combination of Soft Engine 4, the fastest AutoCAD display list driver available and the Oxygen ACX accelerator ensures a dramatic performance boost regardless of whether you are running on a Intel® Pentium®, Pentium II or Pentium III processor.

Features and Benefits
Supports the leading professional 3D applications
High Value Bundled Software
The OXYGEN Family
Latest Benchmarks

Win! an OXYGEN Graphics Card

Features and Benefits

Chipset 3Dlabs Permedia® 2
Geometry Acceleration Single-Threaded OpenGL
Bus Type AGP or PCI
Integrated 2D acceleration and VGA 64 bit
On-board memory 8 MB high-speed SGRAM
Maximum resolutions 1600 x 1200
1280 x 1024 True Color
Z-buffer precision 16 bit
3D performance


Bi-linear pixels/second

Tri-linear pixels/second


1 million

45 million


Accelerated 3D functions Gouraud shading, bi linear mip-mapped texture mapping with perspective correction, anti-aliasing, fogging, 1-bit OpenGL stencil buffers
AutoCad Acceleration Soft Engine 4 accelerated performance and customizable user interface
Accelerated driver support Windows NT/95/98/2000
Full OpenGL ICD 1.1, OpenGL 1.2 ready
DirectX 6.1
Warranty Full three-year parts and labor warranty

Supports the leading professional 3D applications, including:

AutoCAD, Pro/ENGINEER, Catia, SolidWorks, Unigraphics, I-DEAS Master Series, MicroStation, SolidDesigner, Solid Edge, Mechanical Desktop, Ansys, Softimage|3D, Maya, LightWave 3D, 3D Studio MAX & VIZ, Lightscape, Houdini, GameGen, WorldToolKit, IGrip, Quest, Open Inventor

High Value Bundled Software

Oxygen ACX comes with three high-value software bundles to increase your productivity: . Soft Engine 4 from Vibrant Graphics dramatically improves display performance of AutoCAD R14 and increases user productivity. This $300 software package is included FREE. 3Dlabs' also delivers E-Colortms industry leading color solutions, Colorific® and True Internet Color®. Colorific® color-calibrates your display for optimal viewing and screen-to-printer matching. True Internet Color®, the only solution for delivering accurate color over the Web, enables accurate color viewing when you shop online.


The OXYGEN Family

  • Oxygen GVX210: High-end, 256-bit graphics power for demanding workstation professionals
  • Oxygen GVX1: Accelerated geometry power for workstation professionals
  • Oxygen GVX1 PCI: Multi-Head and PCI flexibility from the Oxygen family
  • Oxygen VX1: Industrial-strength graphics for the price of a mere games card
  • Oxygen VX1 PCI: Outstanding OpenGL and PCI Flexibility from the Oxygen Family
  • Oxygen VX1-16: High-Value OpenGL and PCI Flexibility
  • Oxygen ACX: Ultimate AutoCAD performance using the Permedia® 2

OXYGEN ACX is a Member of the Award-winning Oxygen Family

Awesome Rating
NewMedia Magazine

Highly Recommended
Cadalyst Magazine 
Award of Excellence
DV Magazine

4 Star Rating
Cadence Magazine

Win! an OXYGEN Graphics Card

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