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Russian Martial Art ROSS is to be the official web site dedicated to the development of a strong online presence and communication of authentic Russian Martial Art ROS, the living martial tradition of the Slavic peoples. is the Official Online Host for the following organizations:

Mr. V. Putin, President of Russia   "The R.O.S.S. Training System is rooted in the Russian traditions of Russian Martial Art. Like Russia’s own Sambo discipline and like Asian style martial art forms such as Judo, Wushu and others, the [ROSS] system represents much more than sheer physical training, it serves as a means of spiritual education of traditional moral values."

Mr. V. Putin, President of Russia; Master of Sport in Sambo & Judo. Since 1993, Mr. V. Putin helped to develop and promote Russian Martial Art in St. Petersburg and Leningrad Oblast.

ALEXANDER KARELIN: World and Olympic Greco-Roman Wrestling Champion   "It is very good that the R.O.S.S. Training System exists and is so effective, so martial artists can benefit of it."

Alexander Karelin, Honorable member of International and All-Russian Federation of Russian Martial Art; Several time Olympic, World, & European Heavyweight Wrestling Champion"

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