It's unfortunate but true: Even reading 300,000** books a week, even spending every waking moment at this (and enjoying it every moment), I can't be everywhere. There are some topics I just have to pass the buck on, but I still want you folks out there to be informed. So, though I am presently an ignoramus on each of the subjects below -- and will likely remain one -- I have asked friends and contacts in each of these fields to supply me with links to their highest quality material.

If you have some suggestions and links for me, by all means put a bug in my ear. Make that two bugs, one for each ear.

To start with, here are some generally helpful sites that don't go in any category:

"King James Onlyism"

Modern False Prophets

(**Special note for the humor-impaired: This number is a JOKE! Do NOT take it seriously! Calm down! Get a life! Quit discussing it! Amen!)