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Oxygen GVX1 wins Cadalyst Labs best High-End board 1999

Oxygen VX1-1600SW

32MB Professional Graphics for the Silicon Graphics 1600SW Flat Panel Monitor

The Oxygen® VX1-1600SW is a new variant of the award-winning Oxygen VX1 professional graphics accelerator that has been engineered to directly drive the acclaimed Silicon Graphics® 1600SW flat panel at a stunning, all-digital, 1600x1024 wide-format resolution. The Oxygen VX1-1600SW combines 3Dlabs’ outstanding 2D and PowerThreads™ OpenGL® 3D performance with a dedicated LVDS output connector for driving the 1600SW without the need for an external adaptor - creating an ideal display solution for discerning business, technical, and creative professionals. Unlike graphics cards based on gaming technology, the Oxygen VX1-1600SW is a true professional graphics solution with 3Dlabs’ renowned OpenGL quality and extensive application certifications for trouble-free performance.

Features and Benefits
Technical Specifications
Fully Tested for All Leading Professional Graphics Applications
Where to Buy the Silicon Graphics 1600SW Display
The OXYGEN Family

Features and Benefits Standard VGA and LVDS Display Connectors
Auto sensing display connectors for straightforward direct connection to a standard analog display or the Silicon Graphics 1600SW flat panel monitor.

Outstanding Display Quality
Only the Silicon Graphics 1600SW display packs all-digital fast pixel response for flawless real-time interactivity, a wide-format aspect ratio for displaying two side-by-side pages, 110 dpi dot pitch, 3X the brightness and 5X the contrast of CRTs in a stylish, award-winning space-saving design.

Professional GLINT R3 Processor
Professional quality, unified 2D, 3D and video processing and hardware accelerated volumetric rendering.

32MB of On-Board SGRAM Memory with Virtual Texturing
Oxygen VX1-1600SW acts as a full 256MB graphics card while caching textures in the on-board high-speed SGRAM memory for smooth graphics interaction on the high-resolution 1600SW screen.

Multi-Threaded PowerThreads OpenGL Drivers
3Dlabs’ PowerThreads OpenGL drivers are fully optimized for Intel Pentium and AMD Athlon processors to maximize geometry throughput. The multi-threaded architecture of PowerThreads unleashes the power of single or multiple CPU systems. Over 50 Application Certifications
Oxygen boards are certified with all key professional CAD and DCC applications,

Technical Specifications
Silicon Graphics 1600SW Display Specifications * 17" diagonal (19" CRT equivalent)
* 1600x1024, 16:10 wide format display
* Proprietary LVDS digital interface
* 110 dpi dot pitch
* LCD backlight color temperature control for enhanced color matching and dynamic range
GLINT R3 Rasterization Processor * Unified 2D, 3D and video processing
* 128-bit memory bus architecture
* Integrated 300MHz RAMDACs
* 7 independent DMA engines provide low CPU utilization
* Integrated SVGA Controller
PowerThreads OpenGL Drivers * PowerThreads OpenGL ICD with full Intel SSE and AMD 3DNow! optimizations
* OpenGL 1.1 ICD (1.2 ready)
* Multi-threaded, multiprocessor system optimized
Professional 3D Rendering * Complete OpenGL 1.2 functionality in silicon
* Full OpenGL overlays
* Single pass bump-mapping, per-pixel lighting
* High-quality Gouraud shading
* Perspectively correct bilinear and trilinear filtering with per-pixel mip-mapping
* Dual bilinear mip-mapped textures in a single pass
* 2048x2048x32 maximum individual texture size
* OpenGL 1.2 volumetric rendering with up to 8-way filtering
* Source and destination alpha blending
* Fogging and Depth Cueing
* Anti-aliased lines and polygons
* Full-scene anti-aliasing
* Hardware scissoring, stippling and stencil buffers
* GID clipping for efficient window management
* 32 bit Z-buffering
Integrated Video Processing * Bilinear filtered playback re-scaling
* Hardware YUV-RGB conversion
* Hardware MPEG-2 Motion Compensation
Virtual Texturing Memory Management * Full virtual memory management unit in GLINT R3 silicon
* Enables the board to act as a full 256MB graphics card
Memory * 32MB of unified high-speed SGRAM for framebuffer, Z-buffer and texture memory
Board Physical * Short-card ATX form-factor
* Requires PCI 33/66MHz version 2.2 slot (supporting 3.3v on a 5v PCI slot as defined in the PC99 specification)
Display Resolutions

* Driving 1600SW
  1600x1024, 16 bit at 60Hz
  1600x1024, 32-bit at 60Hz
* Driving CRT via VGA connector
  Range of resolutions from:
  640x480, 32-bit at 220Hz, to
  2048x1536, 32-bit at 60Hz

Connectors * DB-15 analog display connector
* LVDS 1600SW panel connector
* 1/4" jack stereo connector (not supported)
* Autoselect between analog and digital connectors under Windows NT and Windows 2000
Stereo Support * True Quad-buffered Stereo support on CRT displays up to 1280x1024 true-color, 160Hz refresh rate (Stereo not supported on Silicon Graphics 1600SW Display or via 1/4" Stereo connector)
* Independent Z buffer for left and right eye
Drivers * Windows NT 4.0 with PowerThreads OpenGL ICD
* Windows 2000 with PowerThreads OpenGL ICD and DirectX 7.0
* Windows 98 with PowerThreads OpenGL ICD and DirectX 7.0
* DDC2B support on all operating systems
Advanced Control Panel * Point-and-click optimization of system configuration for key professional applications
System Requirements * 100% IBM-compatible PC
* Intel Pentium or AMD Athlon processor or compatible
* IBM compatible motherboard with an open PCI slot
* Microsoft Windows 2000 or NT 4.0 with Service Pack 5 or higher
* 64MB System memory
* 16MB free disk space
Warranty * Three (3) years parts and labor limited warranty

Fully Tested and optimized On All Leading Professional Applications

DCC applications including: 3D Studio Max, Houdini, Maya, 3D Studio Viz, Lightscape, Softimage XSI

CAD applications including: ArchiCAD, Co-Create, Pro/ENGINEER, AutoCAD, I-DEAS, SolidWorks, CATIA, MicroStation J, Unigraphics,

Where To Buy the Silicon Graphics 1600SW Display
The Silicon Graphics 1600SW display is available through SGI resellers and distributors. For more information please refer to www.sgi.com/flatpanel.

The OXYGEN Family

  • Oxygen GVX420: 128Mb Workstation Graphics with Dual DVI
  • Oxygen GVX210: High-end, 256-bit Graphics Power for Demanding Workstation Professionals
  • Oxygen GVX1 Pro: 64Mb Workstation Graphics with DVI-I
  • Oxygen GVX1: Accelerated Geometry Power for Workstation Professionals
  • Oxygen VX1: Industrial Strength Graphics for Workstation Professionals
  • Oxygen VX1-16: High-Value, Entry Level Workstation Graphics
  • Oxygen VX1 Stereo: Industrial Strength Graphics and Stereo Visualization for Workstation Professionals
  • Oxygen VX1 1600SW: 32Mb Professional Graphics for the Silicon Graphics 1600SW Flat Panel Monitor

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