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Office 2000 has shaped up to be quite the killer app.

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Office 2000

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By Gregg Keizer

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After many months of anticipation, the final version of Microsoft Office 2000 is finally ready.

From many different angles, Office 2000 has shaped up to be quite the killer app. If you think Web, Web, and more Web, Office 2K is up your alley. Clearly, Microsoft wants Office and its apps to be the Web publishing interface for everybody. The proof? Office output (most of it, anyway) can now be viewed by any browser and edited by anyone with a browser, which lets medium-sized to large companies collaborate via the Web. But less Web-centric users will have a harder time deciding whether Office 2000 is worth the wait (the official release date is now June 10, 1999) and the wads of cash (nearly $800 for the Premium Edition).

Look for our new logo to see what's been added since beta 2!
To make your decision less of a stretch and less stressful, we've refreshed our Office tour to include information about installation and pricing, brought all our earlier sections up to date, and wrapped up with a recommendation of whether or not to get it at the end.

So, should you upgrade to Office 2000? Or just take a rain check until the real Y2K passes? Let's find out.


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Gregg Keizer is an Oregon-based freelancer and frequent contributor to CNET. Got a comment for him? Let us know.

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