Dear 19th District Residents,

As most of you are aware, I have decided to retire from Congress effective January 3, 2001. I want to take this opportunity to thank all of you for allowing me to be your representative in Congress these many years. It has been an awesome responsibility.

I cast approximately 14,000 votes over the years. Some were procedural in nature, but many affected the lives of all Americans as well as people throughout the world. I am proud to say that each vote was strictly my own -- not a vote cast because I succumbed to any special interest.

My staff and I took very seriously my pledge to put "people before politics." It is my hope that my constant emphasis on quality rather than quantity and results rather than process when legislating has become contagious and will be the guiding theme when future legislation is written.

Even though I may have had major philosophical differences with many of my colleagues over the years, I always found them to be very dedicated and sincere and quite successful before they came to the Congress.

I will miss my very dedicated staff, but not the 80 hour workweek or the trip around the Baltimore beltway.

I was just plain Bill when I went to Congress and 26 years later I am still just plain Bill. Thanks again. You were a joy to serve!


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