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i-drive - It's Your Internet, Save It

Founded in 1998, i-drive provides free personal space on the Web to over 6.5 million registered users. i-drive members can easily store, access and share desktop documents and internet content with any Web-connected computer. i-drive's Web content collection features allow users to gather MP3s, photos, images and Web pages and Sideload them to their i-drive in seconds, enabling content sites to develop a persistent connection to their users. i-drive has partnered with leading sites such as ZDNet, About.com and Homestead to offer value-added services. In 1999, i-drive formed a consortium with over 40 of the nation's leading universities to integrate its service into their networks and deliver online storage to all of their students. i-drive is a privately held company and funded by Global Retail Partners, Information Technology Ventures, Draper Fisher Jurvetson, Partners Group and ZDNet. For company information, visit the Web site at http://www.idrive.com. Editors, please contact Christine Gasparac at the Antenna Group at 415-977-1932 or Christine@antennapr.com or Carrie Bonforte at i-drive at 415-356-2280 or carrie@mail.idrive.com.

i-drive aims to become the singular integrated Web utility that enables storage, sharing and commerce throughout the Web.

Anyone using the Web will benefit from an i-drive account. With our Filo™ application, users can clip any Web page — from investment research, to travel itineraries, to e-commerce receipts and shopping comparisons — and store them all in one secure, manageable location. i-drive also provides a unique and innovative file-sharing platform — where users can easily share MP3s, photos, and any other information with friends, family, or anyone else.

Site Features

  • Infinite space for everything you save from the Web
  • Filo™ allows the user to clip and save Web pages to their i-drive
  • Use Sideload™ to save MP3s, games and programs in seconds
  • Web Builders Tools help developers enhance their creations
  • The Activities feature allows users to create photo albums to share
  • Share all your files with family, friends or colleagues

[ Please see the Detailed Feature Sheet ]

Combining top technology professionals from the OS, browser and online enterprise sectors, i-drive delivers a product that scales securely and reliably to millions of users and has from day one. Our flexible design encourages partners in a wide variety of industries to co-brand the service, tailoring its presentation to their own user communities.

All information sent between the Web browser and i-drive's servers is encrypted using 128-bit SSL — the industry standard in protecting everything from online banking to online shopping.

Files are stored on i-drive database servers that are not reachable directly from the Internet. Our Web-servers act as a gatekeeper to data, limiting access to the user and those with whom the users choose to share parts of their i-drive.

For the utmost reliability, i-drive's systems are fully redundant at every level. Our disk arrays fully mirror all your data, which means there are two copies of all data kept on different disks — should one of our thousands of disks fail there is no loss.

i-drive's servers physically reside in a locked datacenter, protected 24 hours a day by security personnel, surveillance cameras, and biometric door locks. The datacenter also boasts multiple connections to the Internet for redundancy and the latest in fire suppression technology.

ZDNet—the Web site for users who want to buy, use and learn about technology
The New York Times Learning Network—free lesson plans and various teaching and learning resources
About.com—The leading network of over 700 comprehensive vertical sites.
Homestead—The leading resource for building powerful interactive Web sites.
Exodus—The leading provider of complex internet hosting for enterprises.
Sun Microsystems - delivering the reliable, scalable service
University Consortium members - including Stanford, UC Berkeley, George Mason, Case Western Reserve and Wake Forest University

Company Timeline
August 1998 - i-drive founded
April 1999 - i-drive receives funding from Information Technology Ventures, Draper Fisher Jurvetson and Partners Group of Switzerland
June 1999 - University Consortium established
August 1999 - Product launch
October 1999 - i-drive announces Sideload™ - the fastest way to save music from the Web
January 2000 - Filo™ for Mac released. Mac users can now share the Web's most useful tool
January 2000 - i-drive announces Infinite Space: no more limitations on what you can save to your i-drive
March 2000 - i-drive breaks the 2 million user mark
August 2000 - i-drive releases Photo Album, Playlist and Drag & Drop

Management Team
Jeff Bonforte - Co-founder and Chairman
Tim Craycroft - CEO and President
Marty Smuin - Executive Vice President of Business Development and Sales
Eric Roza - Vice President of Product and Marketing
Scott Silver - Vice President of Technology

Company Information
842 Folsom Street
San Francisco, CA 94107
Tel 415.356.2280
Fax 415.356.2299

Public Relations Contacts
Christine Gasparac
Antenna Group
310 Howard St
San Francisco, CA 94105

Carrie Bonforte
i-drive public relations

For technical support please contact techprob@mail.idrive.com

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