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Cool Links

Ronda's Place-A cool site created by my cousin

Dave Homepage-One Of my other Homepages. (If this link doesn't work, try this one.)

Computer Homepage-My Webpage devoted to PC's.

Unofficial Windows Page-Yes, I even have a Windows Page.

Automobile Homepage-...and a car page, too.

The Page Of MATT!!-My brother's very own webpage.

c|net Download.com-A very good site for downloads.

c|net Shareware.com-A very good site to download shareware programs.

FerretSoft-A place where u can download a VERY fast and effective search engine.

Angelfire-Where you can make your own Free website. No HTML experience required!

VirtualAve-Where you can make a Free website. (this is the place I used to make this site) Note: You need to know HTML code to make a website.

Yahoo!-A place to get free e-mail and other stuff.

Hotmail-A free web-based e-mail service by Microsoft Network.

BetaNews-Get the latest scoop on new, beta software.

TigerDirect-A great place for computer parts.


Note: "" = editor's favorite site

Got your own website and want people to go to it? Well just e-mail me and tell me it. You can also report broken links and send me comments. Your suggestions and comments are appreciated!

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