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Big Poppa Pump and Midajah

Height: 5' 3"
Hometown: Seattle
Pro Debut: December 1999
Signature Maneuver: High Cross Body
AKA: Freak

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Scott Steiner's appetite for women has often seemed insatiable. Yet Midajah O'Hearn is more than Big Poppa Pump's freak of the week. The sultry beauty seems to have won Steiner's affections with her unwavering loyalty, unparalleled good looks and unbelievable ability to soar from the top rope.

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Career History
Began working as one of Scott Steiner's army of freaks... Soon established herself as main valet, while other women were removed from group... After the departure of Shikira, became Big Poppa Pump's sole valet, and began getting more involved in Steiner's matches.

Wrestling Style
Midajah has yet to reveal the full extent of her wrestling arsenal, but fans have already seen the brunette beauty deliver flawless cross-body attacks from the top rope.

Did You Know?
Worked extensively as a fitness model... Her mother is Spanish and her father is Norwegian... The root of her name is Spanish... She actually has two first names: Melinda Midajah... In her first bodybuilding show, Midajah placed fifth... Lives with real-life husband, Battle Dome's Michael O'Hearn... Midajah and Mike are strong believers in natural bodybuilding and are openly against using drug enhancers... The couple is considered one of the most fit couples in the world.

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