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January 5, 2001
1/2/01:  A-Rod, You Have The Right To Remain Silent
12/21/00:  We Need A New Stadium To Compete And Other Funny Stories
12/20/00:  Baseball Will Die When We Follow Baseball's Advice
12/12/00:  Lamenting Pay-Rod and Stirring the Stew
12/5/00:  Moose to the Yanks Simply Free Enterprise? Nope
11/28/00:  Pricks on the Rose and Late Bloomers
11/24/00:  Another Modest Proposal
11/21/00:  Serving Up the Rice with a Side of Yaz
11/14/00:  Fall Fertilizer Special
11/7/00:  It's Only November and I'm Suffering From 'Boras Burnout'
10/31/00:  Competitive Imbalance Got You In A Stew? Don't Blame The Yankees
10/24/00:  Actions Speak Louder Than Words
10/16/00:  Pitching in -- Ghosts of Yankees Past
10/10/00:  "Junior" Achievement?
9/26/00:  (Almost) Wrapping Up Y2K
9/19/00:  Life Can Really Be a Pitch Sometimes
9/12/00:  The Fantastic Four
9/8/00:  MLBtalk Weekend Report: Fenway Forever
9/5/00:  Wazzup? A smorgasbord of baseball tells all (or most)
8/28/00:  An MLBtalk Special Report: MONTREAL LIVES!
8/21/00:  Support Your Local Tariff
8/14/00:  Special Report: A $1 billion Boston Boondoggle?
8/8/00:  Good Enough, or Just Almost?
7/24/00:  Making a 'Federal' case about the future of baseball
7/17/00:  Baseball's Blue-Ribbon Bull****
7/10/00:  These "No-Stars" can walk the walk
7/3/00:  Don Fehr, meet Martin Luther
6/27/00:  God Doesn't Belong in the Ballpark
6/19/00:  Conspiracy Theories
6/13/00:  Who was Edgar Martinez before Edgar Martinez?
6/5/00:  The Expos are history in Montreal -- right after hell freezes over
5/29/00:  You Can't Spell "New Stadium" Without "D'um"
5/22/00:  I'm here for a good time, not a long time -- the wacky adventures of Rube Waddell
5/15/00:  Boras tells A-Rod: money isn't everything
5/8/00:  Stupid Is as Stupid Does
5/1/00:  Truth? You Can't Handle the Truth! So Invent Your Own
4/25/00:  Desperate times call for desperate measures
4/17/00:  Shut up Junior -- for your own sake
4/11/00:  The greatest player you've never heard of
4/4/00:  Top Subplots to Watch
3/27/00:  Will new stadiums help or hurt your team?
3/21/00:  It's Not Over Yet
3/14/00:  Different Eras? Screw It, Game's Still the Same
3/7/00:  Running Scared
2/29/00:  Andro Ban's a Rancid Plan
2/26/00:  Hey Vets Committee!
2/22/00:  Finally on the Field
2/15/00:  Deal A-Rod NOW!
2/11/00:  Junior's Naughty Achievement
2/8/00:  Ken Griffey is My Role Model
2/1/00:  Waiting for the Hammer
1/25/00:  No(ah) Problem
1/17/00:  Cajun Cookin' for C-Town
1/8/00:  The Decline and Fall of the MLBPA
Sammy Sosa toys with Cubs in Ultimate Rumor Mill
Rick Pitino linked to Mob
sportsTALK Talk Jock 2000 Award in The BIG TICKET
Post Pitino Honeymoon?

Who will be the AL MVP in 2001?

Carlos Delgado
Nomar Garciaparra
Jason Giambi
Troy Glaus
Juan Gonzalez
Derek Jeter
Pedro Martinez
Rafael Palmeiro
Manny Ramirez
Alex Rodriguez
Miguel Tejada
Frank Thomas
Bernie Williams
None of the above

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