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City Hall

Mayor Robert "Bob" T. Bartlett

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"It is important to get things done. But that is not enough. Accomplishment without vision or direction does not yield long term success and viability. Monrovia’s challenge for the future is to maintain the vision "

Mayor Robert "Bob" T. Bartlett was elected to the Monrovia City Council in 1974. In 1976, Mr. Bartlett was appointed mayor by his fellow councilmembers. In 1988, Mr. Bartlett was elected mayor by Monrovia’s voters in a citywide election. Nearly eleven years later, Mayor Bob Bartlett is still at the helm of his community. "Vision, hard work, and leadership are essential to creating and maintaining a healthy and dynamic city," he says. "I have these attributes and can apply them to various problem situations to help develop realistic solutions."

Mayor Bartlett has used these skills many times, both in and outside of his mayoral responsibilities. In his current position as the Director of Economic Development/Redevelopment for the City of Rialto, he matches his experience against the challenge of rejuvenating a city at the edge of southern California’s urban sprawl. As a Past-President, Boardmember and member-at-large for numerous state-wide, regional, and local organizations including the League of California Cities, Foothill Transit, Southern California Association of Governments, L.A. County Sanitation District, and the Monrovia Boys & Girls Club.  Mayor Bartlett is currently the President for SCAG (Southern California Association of Governments) and Chair of the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee for the National League of Cities.

Mayor Bartlett constantly reinforces his belief that achievement without vision has little value in the long run. "I’ve seen developments and programs that were truly impressive become ‘white elephants’ because communities didn’t have a long-term plan to capitalize on that success. The window of opportunity stays open for just so long, before it closes again. In Monrovia, we had to force the window open. But our plan was a good one, and the proof is all around us."

Mayor Bartlett originally ran for City Council because saw Monrovia floundering while other cities were progressing. "The City had lost direction and councilmembers really didn’t treat the public with respect," he recalls. In order for the City to be successful, however, "You need the public to buy-in to what you want to do."

Mayor Bartlett’s major issues reflect his diverse government experience. He is a staunch supporter of fiscal responsibility and maintaining reserves for capital replacement, economic development, as well as public safety and quality of life programs. Mayor Bartlett is also heavily involved in regional issues such as the maintenance of clean air programs and integrated transportation initiatives.