Nate Nate
A reformed party animal, Nate was a wild man in his teens and twenties. And now, it's all come back to haunt him. Dedicated to being a cool dad, he tries to be open minded about raising four girls, but finds it's easier in theory than practice.
Hope Hope
Nate's oldest and probably the most like him. She is an adventurer who wants to try new things and have a good time. Everybody likes her. A good kid, she is very wise and has a lot of common sense. Creative, she hasn't figured out what she wants to do with her life, although she knows she doesn't want to clean her room.
Ann Ann
A classic middle child with control freak tendencies, Ann has tried to take over the role of mom. She's probably the most like her mom. A great student, who's less socially adept than her older sister, she pushes herself very hard. She's taught herself rollerblading and the saxophone.
A sports jock. C.J. is pure instinct and emotion. One track minded, she seems 'out of it', but just focuses on what she wants to focus on, even if it's bathroom tiles. She loves bladin', skatin', hoops, any physical activity. Boys are not really on her agenda or radar yet, so she looks askance at the tons of cosmetics and beauty products that overwhelm their bathroom.
Lucy Lucy
The youngest, she's had to grow up very fast over the past year. She's the typical youngest kid who feels left out of the action. Lucy's tough, independent and wise beyond her years.
Phil Phil
Nate's oldest friend. He lives next door with his wife, Connie. They have no children so Phil loves coming over for the round the clock entertainment that the Harrison house provides. He is also trying to help out his best buddy with things. Since Phil is a freelance magazine writer, he has a flexible schedule. Phil is a little excitable and has a hard time with Nate's more liberal parenting practices.

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