Episode List
After Nate comes home to find Lucy missing, he grounds all the girls. Ann, who is always stuck home, is enticed by Hope to sneak out to a college party, leaving Lucy home alone. Nate runs into them at the party while showing a recruit around. Livid, Nate realizes that the reason Ann left was that she's been dumped with too much responsibility around the house. The family decides to all chip in and take more responsiblity.

When Lucy comes home and wants help with sex ed from anybody but Ann, Ann starts to get tired of being labeled the "good kid." After Nate finds out that Lucy is being taught sex by her sisters, he takes it upon himself to teach her...at an ice cream parlor. Meanwhile, Ann has decided to change her image. When the family returns, Ann is upstairs in her room with Jason. As Nate and Phil discuss how to handle it, Hope tells her sister that she is not as 'sophisticated' as everyone thinks, and that she's sorry if she's misled her sister and put pressure on her.

When the girls find out that Dad has to go to a dinner dance, the girls try to fix him up with someone. After repeatedly telling the girls to butt out of his personal life, he plays a trick on the girls with his own surprise date. In the end, the girls have helped Nate think that maybe it is time to go out again.

After C.J. refuses to clean her bunny's cage, the girls take it upon themselves to do it. Mr. Hoppy gets hit by a car. In a coma, Nate and the girls decide it better not to tell C.J., particularly since it is Mr. Hoppy's birthday. C.J. finds out the truth, and must deal with "pulling the plug." Realizing she did not take care of her pet, she gets another chance when Mr. Hoppy wakes up.

The family wants to throw Hope a birthday bash. Hope wants to have her own party...without the family. Nate agrees, and joins Lucy and Phil in Phil's backyard for a camp out. Phil is helping Lucy get over any fears before her first big wilderness trip. Hope loses control of the party, and must come to her dad for help. In doing so, Hope and Nate learn that maturity can mean coming to a parent for help.

THE GAP(106)
When Hope dates an older guy, Nate decides to show her the problems with it by dating a much younger woman. As Nate begins to fall for the woman, Hope realizes that at her age, seven years does make a big difference. Nate learns that at his age, seven years doesn't make a big difference at all. Meanwhile, Lucy is trying to steal Ann's boyfriend, Jason.

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